Tonight’s Supermoon, “Blood Moon” Total Lunar Eclipse, is visible over the Americas and western Europe

Given its visibility, it will have more effect here, rather than say, Asia, Russia, or New Zealand. BTW: this is the last full blood moon to be visible in North America until 2022, and the final blood moon for the entire earth until 2021. So it’s a big deal!

In Bloomington, Indiana, the Sun opposite Moon clicks into place astrologically at 12:14 AM 1/21/18. See:

I’ve noticed a lot of astrological falderal, pointing out how this Full Moon features “20” aspects, or some such. Well, all I can say about that is, the aspects that are important have been in place for awhile now: Saturn/Pluto, Eris/Uranus/Mars, Venus/Jupiter, Mercury/Pluto, and that only the Mercury/Pluto aspect (powerful/Pluto communication/Mercury) actually aspects the Full Moon in any way, with a wide conjunction to the Sun. In other words, this Full Moon, no matter how strong it is, does not trigger the four ongoing conjunctions; they’ve already been having their say!

Meanwhile, however, the fact that this Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse happens to fall at 0° Aquarius/Leo IS significant, for it begins to propel us into a hopefully wider, more spacious (Aquarius is an air sign) point of view than the polarized, walled-off, concretized atmosphere that Capricorn engendered during this past month of the USG partial shut down. In, other words, I presume that, within the next few days, we are going to see some “progress” in a more round table, Aquarian approach to the issues we face as a nation — at least for the  next month while the Sun is in Aquarius! After that, the Sun will move into Pisces, and again, of course, a subtle shift in atmosphere; hopefully, the final Piscean phase of the astrological year will help us absorb emotionally, psychically, spiritually, whatever has been talked about (and agreed upon?) during the Aquarian phase. Finally, of course, one month later, March 21st, we reach 0°00 Aries, our annual NEW BEGINNING on the Spring Equinox — of whatever!

The Leo Moon: hopefully more leaders will rise to the occasion, and not leave everything that matters up to Trump, Pelosi, and whoever else has been foolish enough to grab the spotlight and hang on for dear life! The more real leaders with courage to express their own heartfelt selves, the wider that Aquarian table, and the more inclusive our mutual understanding and cooperation.

Sabian symbols for 1° Aquarius and Leo:

It’s clear that we who are alive on Earth now are about the business of radically and thoroughly restructuring the way humans relate with both each other and the natural world. Tearing down and rebuilding old structures is part of it. “Old adobe missions” (with their shades of colonial and religious dogmatism and intolerance) may no longer be viable in the emerging new world.

Also key: to summon and energize our inherent vitality for the enormous task at hand. And, despite New Age rhetoric, we need to remember: there’s nothing inherently “wrong” with ego. Without the Leonine ego, what would get done? I think of the ego as a focusing mechanism, the interface between the still, mysterious depths of our inner lives and the “10,000 things” continually whizzing by in the outside world. We utilize ego in order to marshal our energies into directed action.


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