Corrected Presidential Announcement Time, and Laura Bruno perspective

Note: see yesterday’s post.

I kept close track of when President Trump actually arrived at the podium and began to speak, 4:07 p.m. So I did a chart for that time, and Laura Bruno is correct, it puts wounded healer Chiron on the midheaven (see her commentary below).

This chart also puts 16°41  Cancer on the Ascendant. Sabian symbol for 17° Cancer: THE SEED GROWS INTO KNOWLEDGE AND LIFE.

Notice that for this chart the closing Saturn/Pluto conjunction straddles the Descendant (on the right hand side of the horizon). The Descendant in the chart signifies The Other, in this case, those “opposed” (Saturn) to Trump (his Pluto, his power), no matter what he does or says! Which became clear shortly, when Nancy Pelosi categorically refused his bi-partisan offer to end the shutdown by incorporating many Democratic suggestions into his proposal to build the wall where needed on the border with Mexico.

He did speak in a Cancerian manner (the Ascendant, where the entity meets the world, is in Cancer), compassionate and kind, not at all oppositional, especially stressing the “American family,” and how he had just joined a group of newly naturalized citizens, welcoming them into the “American Family.”

The Mars connection, that I expected to be more forceful, given it’s exact square to Saturn, was held in check. And instead, one might say, David’s first stone was converted into a seed, which “grows into knowledge and life.” In other words, it’s not really obvious that David is confronting Pelosi’s deep state Goliath — YET. I have a sense that as Mars marches from Saturn to Pluto, reaching it by early February (see yesterday’s post), that David’s stone will be thrown; furthermore, by that time it will be obvious that Trump, by playing his cards in this expansive, bi-partisan, moderated form, will have exposed Nancy’s stonewall approach to whatever Trump suggests as totally unreasonable, thus opening the way to getting the wall, even with Emergency powers, if necessary. Probably won’t be necessary, as I imagine her rigid attitude is beginning to alienate even even many Democrats.

By the way, the other aspects I mentioned yesterday, Venus/Jupiter and Mercury/Pluto, are, of course, still present in the corrected chart.

Laura Bruno:

The biggest thing I notice with this start time is that Chiron — the Wounded Healer — is exactly conjunct the Midheaven, just 6 minutes apart in the 28th degree of Pisces. We’re in the last degree of Capricorn, but almost the last degree of Chiron in Pisces, a perfect time for spiritual healing. With Pisces being a sign of no boundaries and the issue being one of borders, the discussion of Angel Mom’s and those who’ve been wounded by the humanitarian crisis was the right focus to make the most of these energies.

By starting seven minutes late, Saturn the patriarch dropped back into the 6th house of work and health instead of sitting right on the Descendant at 4 p.m. With Saturn that close to the Ascendant/Descendant axis in Cancer/Capricorn, there’s still a need to integrate the polarities between mother/father, feminine/masculine, and issues of safety and boundaries. Saturn wants structure and firm boundaries, but Cancer has its shell. Both signs, though opposite, have potential for integration.

Will that integration happen? With Uranus in very late Aries in the 10th house, exactly square the Sun, there remains a lot of public volatility and potential for surprises. I see that at 4:07 p.m., Uranus was exactly Trine a 6th house Part of Fortune at 27 degrees 53 minutes Sagittarius. So we’ve got Saturn and the Part of Fortune both in the 6th house, with this President who loves to work, who’s positioning himself as having worked very hard every day through the shutdown, including on Christmas, while Pelosi et al. have been traveling and partying. Whether or not you like President Trump, the energies of this talk time supported this narrative.

Tenth house Uranus Trine 6th house Part of Fortune underscored the energy of thinking outside the box, trying to factor in highest good of all; however, that Uranus in late Aries energy was going to bring up some charges of tyranny, irascibility and refusal to accept authority, regardless of what he said or how he said it. The offer to extend DACA for three years seems like a “brotherly love” kind of 10th house Uranus offer, an offer made knowing it will likely be rejected. Service is a key to 6th house Part of Fortune happiness, and this Trine alignment with Uranus supported a potential to shift the understanding of him as someone who finds happiness in serving the country. Again, whether or not you agree with DJT’s politics or style, it’s a fact that he has sacrificed enormous wealth (minus 1 billion) to work for $1 per year, donating his salary, while previous presidents and other public “servants” lined their pockets with millions to hundreds of millions of dollars. This 4:07 p.m. announcement time supported maximum chance to offer healing and a change of perspective. It reminds me of the Hanged Man card in Tarot, with the idea that soon, things will right themselves as perspective shifts.

The other big thing I noticed was the 12th house Moon at 10 degrees, 42 minutes Cancer. This time offered major potential to channel the emotions of the collective unconscious. The Moon has a lot of Contra-Parallel aspects, emphasizing the complexities of heightened emotions. With the Moon in its home sign in the watery, unconscious, karmic 12th house, the emotions are bigger than this moment or this topic. This is a messy topic dealing with so many unseen details. Many people want to bury their heads in the sand … or crawl into the Cancer shell rather than address the full complexity of these questions, issues and feelings. How can we care for everyone’s needs? How can we, as a nation, find ways to balance emotions, since the 12th house Moon can create emotional filters that people mistake for truth or logic.

I would be remiss to ignore Black Moon Lilith (True) in any talk about refugees, immigration, rape, murder, children, abortion, sovereignty, boundaries, sexual abuse and/or ritual satanic abuse. She was not majorly aspected at this time, but I’ll copy in the description of her placement according to

“Lilith (True) in Aquarius

[Ann here: in order to get Chiron on the chart, my astro program sacrificed True Lilith. Sorry! Just imagine that she does sit in the 8th house as you read Laura’s views on this potent point that whiz kid Laura, supposedly my student in astrology, has recently introduced me to.]

Freedom at all costs, even at the price of ridicule and emptiness.

Lilith emphasizes the principles of the Aquarius – freedom and autonomy. This easily causes problems in life because these people avoid strong and lasting connections. They do not experience their lives, they feel as if they see their life thorough a wall of glass because they are not able to experience their life emotionally. They do not trust themselves and they do not trust others. The way out is through the opposite sign, Leo – to open their heart, connect their mind with their heart and in this way gain the ability to experience life.

Beware of injuries to ankles, calves and shins.

Lilith (True) in the 8th House

Even though Lilith was not strongly aspected during this announcement, Lilith is “up” for humanity at this time. From autoimmune diseases, the MeToo movement, the Kavanaugh hearings, the Women’s March + the Right to Life March in DC at the same time,  plus the volatile reactivity of our times, Lilith is all over the place. She plays a prominent role in both President Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s natal charts, and she’s kind of the Mad Woman in the Attic screaming across the past several years. In order for full healing to occur, we will need to address and integrate this Shadow figure. The rewards for integration will be a restored Earth, a return to natural healing, and a balance between sovereignty and tyranny. Inner peace with the wild woman and a healing of PTSD will be much needed as more true stories surface.

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