HEADS UP! Astrology of Today’s Upcoming 3 PM “Major Announcement”

Update: Laura Bruno has alerted me that the time will be 4 pm rather than 3 pm, putting Chiron on the Midheaven and Saturn on the Descendant, she says. I haven’t had time to look at it, but will definitely tune in at 4 p.m. Thanks, Laura!

Of course I couldn’t resist setting up the chart for this event “ahead” of time. Now, with only three hours remaining until the event, I finally get around to posting it. And predictably, it’s a doozy, indeed looks so remarkable that if I didn’t know better, I’d think President Trump worked with an astrologer to set up the exquisite timing of this event. Why do I say that? Because warrior Mars, which rules the head, in Aries since January 2, and pressing towards a square with Saturn in bureaucratic Capricorn ever since, WILL FINALLY ARRIVE: Today courageous Mars at 12° clicks onto exact square with stuck, bureaucratic Saturn at 13°.

This begins the most intense aspect of the Mars/Saturn/Pluto drama. Because from today on, through the first week of February, Mars will be pressing into its square with Pluto, at 21° Capricorn, reaching exactness for that aspect on February 2. This double whammy (Mars to Saturn, then Mars to Pluto) will prove to be a climactic test of Mars warrior energy as it faces down and fuels, and hopefully, begins to decapitate the wrongful use of Pluto’s primal power for good or ill.

See Pluto as “Deep State” Goliath, experiencing the ramifications of a single stone thrown by tiny David. Or let’s say, two stones! Mars to Saturn, then Mars to Pluto.

There’s much more to say about this chart.

•  Moon at 10° Cancer and in the first house, beginning to form a T-cross with Mars and Saturn, intensifying the Mars/Saturn struggle: Trump presents himself as the head of the American family, calling upon the warmth and bonding of family, home, community;

• Mars near Eris, that little body recently discovered with an enormously long cycle, and thus operating within the collective unconscious of all of humanity, which was  named after the “Discontented Goddess”: the ramifications of whatever DJT announces will reverberate globally;

• Neptune is just past the Midheaven path, calling upon compassion and imagination and rising above party politics as never before.

•  Venus at 13° Sagittarius closing in on Jupiter at 15° Sagittarius: valuing (Venus) Truth, big perspectives, a widened understanding (Jupiter);

• Mercury at 22° Capricorn, separating from an exact conjunction with primal Pluto: it may be that this decision (whatever it is)  climaxed within the past few days.

• Sun at 29°26 Capricorn: this event takes place just as the Sun, in the final karmic degree of Capricorn, and the month-long struggle over the shutdown, plus walls, borders, structures (all Capricorn), exits for the next sign Aquarius, hopefully to invoke our humanity, whatever that may portend.



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