Some possible ramifications of the longest ever USG “shutdown”: Trump’s “trap”? (What about the SES?) — and more

I notice that the remarkable anonymous message about the benefits of the USG shutdown that I included in yesterday’s post

I’m a senior Trump Official, and I hope a long shutdown smokes out the resistance

— has not only gone viral on twitter, but was included, sometimes word for word, in yesterday’s videos from alternative commentators I pay attention to, including X22 Report, Praying Medic, and Truth and Art TV.

Not having ever worked in a bureaucracy myself, but having friends who have, or who do, it’s been clear to me for a long time that plenty of workers wile away their “time” there on screen, surfing or searching the internet for their own purposes, all the while pretending to be “working.”

That article briefly touched on a subject that is now being fleshed in:

Trump’s Shutdown Trap!

Yep. Three days to go — until the shutdown has been in force for 30 days, legally sanctioning “Reduction in Force” —  and counting.

No wonder I’m noticing the DJT chesire cat grin more these days.

My question, can SES (Senior Executive Service) members also be “furloughed”? I seem to remember aim4truth talked about this at length (a few months ago?), saying that not only can they not be fired, but that they are shuffled around to head up lots of departments and agencies without necessarily having the required expertise, that they much higher salaries than the usual gov employee, and that they retire at the same high pay scale. I just briefly skimmed through a pdf on the SES, and notice that they can be fired for poor performance, though, of course, it’s a “process.” (See first article, above.)

Basics of Federal Government’s Senior Executive Service

One glaring question: who chooses the SES people in the first place?

So much begins to happen when we begin to zero in on what we used to take for granted! Think about it, how we intensely creative humans first imagine, and then materialize, like magic! — both  visible and invisible structures (Saturn/Pluto again). Some of these structures then grow to enormous weight and power without our hardly noticing it. Such structures, once they’re up and running, feel inevitable, eternal, much like day following night, spring following winter, death following birth, sunflowers turning to follow the sun. But they’re not! Our human-constructed structures, which, by their very nature, tend to grow bigger and more unwieldy over time, don’t obey nature’s primal law of death and rebirth — until they do! All of a sudden we notice their slow-motion decay; all of a sudden all our efforts to shore them up fail. All of a sudden what seemed immutable, crumbles and falls. And not necessarily because somebody “caused” it (like the three World Trade Center buildings of 9/11), but because, yep, let’s face it, entropy rules, at least at this level, within any artificially closed framework that we tend to identify with.





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1 Response to Some possible ramifications of the longest ever USG “shutdown”: Trump’s “trap”? (What about the SES?) — and more

  1. rose day says:

    Ann, thanks so much for including the information on Senior Executive Service as I would hazard a guess that many in the US are not even aware of SES which has been in existence for decades . . . who knew?

    The organization’s purpose, that retired executives would offer their expertise to government agencies, sounds great in theory yet the latitude allowed in the implementation of ‘services’ with marginal oversight is especially noteworthy in matters related to millions (if not more) in taxpayer-funded governmental endeavors.

    I sometimes wonder if upon announcing his intention to ‘drain the swamp’ whether Donald Trump had any idea just how far-reaching is the potential for governmental corruption (in concert with a compromised system of justice and at the expense of a deliberately un-informed citizenry) that has apparently thrived unabated in our country for quite some time.

    The situation seems almost insurmountable to a point that it may be time to dial ‘M’ for Miracle.

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