NOPE! No softening. What lies ahead?

See this:

Presidential Address, and Aftermath: Hope for a Softening?

I’m an optimistic Sagittarian fool, yes; I drank the Piscean hopium, in blithely assuming that Chuck and Nancy would indeed come to the table at 3 pm yesterday re: the border showdown. Instead of a softening (Pisces), we beheld the (Sun/Uranus conjunct that meeting’s Ascendant) “expect the unexpected” part of Trump rising up and just walking out of the meeting, once it became clear that if he did end the shut down, they would still not fund the wall.

Kauilapele posted an interesting screenshot of the Chuck ‘n Nancy show after the Presidential Address the evening before, referencing “666”. Which, BTW, reminds me of the broohaha that developed when Christian Bale (satirically?) thanked Satan for helping him construct the role of Dick Cheney at the Golden Globes.

Here’s a post showing how the Republicans reacted to the Democrats’ continuing intransigence.

Pence, McCarthy, Scalise and Thune Describe White House Meeting With Intransigent Democrats…

Where are we as a nation, that we cannot reach across our various ideological divides? This border crisis/partial gov’t shutdown feels to me like the canary in the mine, warning us all of a poisoned atmosphere that, if not cleared, may very well bring down this nation state just as slow-moving Pluto (with a cycle of 248 years) approaches its very first return to its own natal place. Transit Pluto now at 20° Capricorn. The original position of the U.S. Pluto was 27° Capricorn.

What is power? How do we use power productively? What is the difference between “power over” and “power from within”? What is real “empowerment”? All questions that arise during this increasingly plutonian national process. Remember: Pluto, named for the god of the underworld, presides over both Death and Rebirth. Over the next few years, this nation must consciously die to the old way of using power, that of insistent egocentric domination — both in its polarized internal politics and its hegemonic attitude towards the U.S. role in the world —if we wish to even begin to imagine a rebirth that doesn’t repeat the first cycle, and thus more of the same, which, I sense, would be impossible.

We cannot avoid this first-time-ever national commupance: Pluto brings the U.S. to a fateful “either do or die” moment. And yet, because it’s Pluto we’re talking about, the dying must come first, if there is to be any future DO-ing that works for the good of all.

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