Presidential Address, and Aftermath: Hope for A Softening?

Note my post last night, where I sketched in a few of the configurations that spoke to me ahead of time (and note Laura Bruno’s comments, as well):

The Astrology of this Evening’s Presidential Address

Immediately following the eight minute speech, which began two minutes late, I posted this on twitter:

I was pleased to note that Trump’s actual talk emphasized that dharmic North Node’s Cancerian tone: warmth, love, home, family — these were the takeaways, at least for me. Note the Cancerian focus on empathizing with the feelings of those whose loved ones have been murdered by illegal aliens, and the invocation: “this is a crisis of the heart, and of the soul.”

Think of the Capricorn/Cancer dichotomy: hard vs soft, structured versus formless, public vs private, wall vs womb. The dominant tone of this era is clearly Capricornian, given the extreme Pluto/Sun/Saturn/South Node focus in that sign. But the antidote to Capricorn is its opposite, Cancer.

I can’t imagine how difficult it was for normally Sun/Uranus out-of-the-box President Trump to stick to an already prepared narrative. But it’s good he did, and I’m sure he knew that he must.

This address exhibited very best public use of his Venus/Saturn in Cancer. Lindsay Graham said later that this speech was Trump at his “most presidential.”

Given Trump’s soft, sustained, caring focus on safety and security for the American people, and that he did not declare a state of emergency (yet), what were the Schumer and Pelosi duet to do? No way to counter Cancerian feelings without coming across as insensitive and ridiculous, which they did.

The actual time of the address began two minutes late, at 9:02 p.m. Here is the corrected chart, which adds one degree to the swiftly moving Ascendant, from 6° 53 to 7°17 Virgo.

AHA! Note the Sabian Symbol for 8° Virgo (7°17 translates to 8°): A GIRL TAKES HER FIRST DANCING LESSON. Time to get up and dance on that rug! Trump’s bear is sure to join you there (see Sabian symbols from last night’s post).


Note that for the next three days, the Sun travels directly over Pluto: I wouldn’t be surprised if these three days will see power plays like never before regarding this issue. On the other hand, Jupiter, at 13° Sagittarius in this chart, is closing in on a square to Neptune at 14° Pisces through the end of January, offering perhaps a generous (Jupiter) way of softening (Neptune) the difficulty seemingly set in stone by egomaniacal polarization. Notice that both Jupiter and Neptune are in the signs they rule, rendering this aspect unusually strong, and perhaps setting the tone, or atmosphere for successful negotiations..

The point is, Trump must help his opponents in their efforts to “save face,” now that they have been seriously outmaneuvered. The signs are auspicious for that. If they do take up Trump’s offer to meet at 3 p.m. today, wherein, he claims, they could solve the problem “in 45 minutes,” then here’s the chart for that upcoming event, and note one very interesting shift during that very hour, and at the Midheaven, where it is most prominent: The Moon, which, during the presidential address, had been in fractious Aquarius conjunct Lilith, has just moved to 0°08 Pisces. Yes, a softening! Meanwhile, the 3:00 p.m. hour puts 22° Gemini on the Ascendant, exactly conjunct President Trump’s 22° natal Sun, opposite his 21° Sagittarian Moon, both of them conjunct/opposed also to his natal Uranus. EXPECT, as usual, THE UNEXPECTED.


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  1. Pluto and the Sun in the house of power, death, sex and other people’s money: very interesting placements given the background info of this “let’s make a deal.” With Pluto in its own house along with all the sordid depths this wall debate really plumbs, I find this fascinating. Will blackmail affect the outcome? (“We have it all”) … or will the Sun just naturally shine a light on the darkness?

    From “Pluto in the 8th House
    Pluto in the eighth house brings sharpness, focus and ability to overcome obstacles. These people are capable thinkers and they know how to handle money. This will bring them financial power. They tend to be violent or inconsiderate when they want to achieve their goals.”

    True Black Moon Lilith almost exactly Trine the Ascendant, and thus also almost exactly Trine President Trump’s natal Sun. Here’s a really interesting wild card, though, also from

    “Lilith (True) in the 9th House
    Other countries can become their home or serve as a stimulus; rejecting borders in every possible sense.”

    In other words, just by the Lilith placement, it could go either way: “other countries can become their home,” i.e. not the US … OR … a rejection of any and all borders, probably also sovereignty of the body.

    “Lilith (True) in Aquarius
    “Freedom at all costs, even at the price of ridicule and emptiness. Lilith emphasises the principles of the Aquarius – freedom and autonomy. This easily causes problems in life because these people avoid strong and lasting connections. They do not experience their lives, they feel as if they see their life thorough a wall of glass because they are not able to experience their life emotionally. They do not trust themselves and they do not trust others. The way out is through the opposite sign, Leo – to open their heart, connect their mind with their heart and in this way gain the ability to experience life.

    Beware of injuries to ankles, calves and shins.”

    I like to run things through that site, because I find their interpretations spot on most of the time, but this is downright eerie. 🙂 It’s encouraging to find Mercury in the 7th house — talking about the boundary (Capricorn) details with others. Sat Cap with Mercury in that 7th house … hopefully the GOOD patriarch/father/protector comes out in those present.

    I guess we’ll see! I’m encouraged that last night’s address had Venus right on the IC — a foundation of love. The quote most repeated from last night’s talk? “They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside.”

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