The astrology for this evening’s Presidential Address

The lead-up to this evening’s first ever Presidential Address has been so intense and so fraught with aversion by the MSM and, no doubt, so thoroughly hated and baited by neo-liberal leftists, that I decided to do a chart for the expected moment of its initiation. And yes, it’s a doozy.

First of all, notice that the Sun at 18°  is still traveling, one degree per day, between Saturn at 12° and Pluto at 20° in Capricorn, heating up and illuminating globalist plans (Saturn) for total centralized control and power (Pluto). And, for those who have not yet caught on to the globalist agenda: one of the principal methods for achieving the long-planned “New World Order” is to open all nations’ borders in order to encourage massive, unchecked, unregulated immigration. This onslaught will destroy long-nurtured cultures and invoke maximum chaos; which in turn will prompt the public’s perceived need for authoritarian clamp-down. Get it?

But what I paid attention to, especially, in this chart, is the position of the Moon, which, in a collective chart, signifies the public mood. The original U.S.A. chart has the Moon at 27° Aquarius, signifying a fractious, determinedly independent bunch of souls that have always populated this nation-state. That 27th degree of Aquarius is, BTW, exactly opposed Donald Trump’s Mars in late Leo. So no wonder he’s the target!

Tonight’s address will add fuel to the fire. Not only is the Moon in Aquarius, at 21°17, but it sits adjacent to Lilith, at 22° 20 Aquarius. Lilith signifies the female principle that is not Eve, not nice. Rather, she shrieks. And shriek she will after this address, igniting even more fractious energy than is currently present. I think especially of the freshman leftist female congresswomen here . . .

But: let’s notice the Sabian Symbols for these two degrees:

First, the Moon at 21° 17 (which translates to 22°) Aquarius:


Imagine: Trump is going to “throw down the gauntlet.” Let’s look upon this gauntlet as a rug of a certain size and comfort level. As long as the girl children remain on the rug, they will be okay, no matter how wild and unruly their play.

Next: Lilith at 22°20 Aquarius (which translates to 23° Aquarius).


Yep. I see Trump as the Bear, sitting centered in the middle of the rug, swatting the little girls down when they get too unruly.

Notice that the Moon/Lilith combo sits exactly sextile (60°) to Eris, at 22° Aries, another female symbol, this one the “discontented goddess.” Notice also, that Eris makes a wide conjunction with unpredictable Uranus at 28° Aries, and that both energies fuel a T-cross with the lunar nodes, at 26° Capricorn (south karmic node) and 26° Cancer (north dharmic node). This position actually makes me wince. The key to resolving the difficult fractious energy that we are currently involved in as a culture is to return to the Cancerian nourishment of family, home, community. I wince because Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn is at 23°-25° Cancer, close to that dharmic north node.. His own family must feel, and is,  threatened during this scarily tumultuous time, to the max.

And to pull in even more energies: notice that the Moon/Lilith sits semi-sextile to the Sun/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which in turn, along with that south node, sits square to Uranus/Eris. This triple configuration which here includes a semi-sextile, a square, and a sextile, forms what I call a “triangle of continuous growth.” Let’s hope so. Let’s pray that this be the case. That we wake up during this evening’s address to remember that we are, and remain, despite our current, seemingly fatal, ideological divides, as “One nation, Under God, with Unity and Justice for All.”

Meanwhile, BTW: notice the very next Trump tweet, truly the sweetest message I have ever seen from him or any other politician.






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10 Responses to The astrology for this evening’s Presidential Address

  1. I notice some other nuances, too. Venus right at the I.C.: foundation is love, beauty and grace, despite all the assertions otherwise. Neptune in Pisces in the 7th house: issues of sacrifice and boundaries. What is REALLY compassionate? Make sure to investigate facts not just illusions. Uranus and Eris in the 8th house: life or death power struggle, the spiteful, scorned woman and the kick out the jambs revolutionary in the house of sex, death, inheritance and power. I also recall that Trump’s natal chart features a loose “Grand Trine” of Lilith, Eris, and Pluto, thereby connecting him also to Eris. Him as the person who exacts excruciating revenge on his enemies, even if it takes years. Goddess Eris missed a party invite — a less tangible infraction than 24-7 negative news coverage, assassination attempts, and attacks on his family.

    I see that packed 5th house — the house of children. Ultimately, Trump’s best way of getting support for the border wall would be to make it undeniably clear that this is really about the children. It’s not about the 2 children the media spotlighted. It’s about ALL those trafficked children, the sex slaves stolen from their parents before they ever made the journey.

    I’ve heard President Trump talk about child trafficking, but I think he needs to get much clearer. This is about child sex slavery. It’s about drugs, gangs, culture and more, but with this chart, he should really make the children angle crystal clear. It’s what the Left uses to bash him, and he holds the very strongest and most shocking cards here. “Trafficking” is a word people can tune out. “Children kidnapped, transported across the border and sold for sex slavery” is more difficult to tune out. He should also talk about the 5-month-old now-fatherless baby of the officer slain by a criminal illegal immigrant released from custody due to sanctuary city policies.

    Black Moon Lilith is very active in Trump’s natal chart — Lilith in Sag in his 4th house. That is a placement I’ve seen connected to fighting child trafficking and sexual abuse. With Lilith in Aquarius in the 6th house, it’s about how Lilith issues — sexual abuse, feminism, Sovereignty, prostitution, slavery, rape and the treatment of women, children and nature affect the nation’s body. There’s so much irony at play in the various knee-jerk Lilith reactions. BML is connected to that very reactivity, so no surprise there. The irony is that the information President Trump has should TRULY outrage any decent human being. He needs to get those details out early on, because they’re relevant.

    There are degrees of outrage. One would think that the systematic kidnapping and forced sex slavery of children would be cause for massive public outrage — except for those who partake of the spoils. He needs to get the documented facts out there and find a way to make those numbers seem real. If every child matters, then EVERY child should matter. He needs to reveal the exact numbers of kidnapped, sexually abused children they’re rescued at the border from their fake “parents.” Ditto on the women: site some rape statistics for Sweden and Germany since the 2015 mass migration. If women need protection, I would think protection from rape should be up there as one of THE most important things to be protected from. You know, #MeToo. He needs to site UN rape statistics, especially rape statistics related to UN “humanitarian” personnel raping children. Talk about the number of pedophiles and child pornography rings busted in the past 2 years.

    With that rug, he needs to talk about the number of prayer rugs that have been found at or very near the border. Talk about the number of child brides in Europe now and really make it clear — a 9-year-old bride, 10-year-old bride, honor killings … . Female genital mutilation is legal in Michigan now. Unrestricted immigration changes policies, including policies about age of consent.

    With the bear, I think, “Mama Bear.” Again, protect the children. To do so requires breaking through the mockingbird catch phrases to show what kind of child abuse open borders enables. Look up the number of women and children raped in open border situations. Look up how women and teens in Venezuela need to sell sex, hair and breast milk just to stay alive…. I’ll be shocked if all the networks air the full 8 minutes. How many “technical difficulties” or “breaking news” will occur?

    This is his chance to unify a nation by dropping truth bombs to remind the bleeding hearts about people who REALLY need their help … and why.

  2. “affect the nation’s body” … I also meant to say health. (Also inner workings/national economy). Lilith connects with the body, the natural state, but also boundaries — whether sacred or violated. In some ways having no borders/boundaries is very Lilith — like the metaphorical rape of a nation, in addition to the actual rape issues.

  3. rose day says:

    Ann, to Lara’s spot-on comments I add, “Hooray for fiery Lilith” as the paradigm relates to the energy required to galvanize a populace to address the horrors that presently plague our planet . . . namby, pamby alone just will not cut it this time around.

    • Thanks, Rose. If you haven’t read it, you might like Tom Jacob’s excellent book, “Lilith: Healing the Wild.” It’s an astrology book, but also the very best book I’ve found to discuss ways of healing, grounding and empowering Lilith. 🙂

  4. Joy Laughter says:

    I agree that if the phrase “human trafficking” could be refocused on “child sex trafficking” there would be more public outrage and support.


    There are two mastodon-size obstacles to this, generated by Trump himself, and they *were not invented by the DNC or DS.*

    First is the problem that Trump’s hotel, casino & resort businesses employ undocumented immigrants. …. basically slave labor. Trafficked in.

    Second, Trump is the guy who “grabs women by the pussy” and in other ways is arrogantly, violently disrespectful of women’s bodies and “different” bodies (remember the disabled man he imitated and mocked at a rally?).

    So, natal chart notwithstanding, soul contract notwithstanding, Trump is *not* the guy you want heading up a “protect women and children” campaign. Just ain’t gonna fly.

    These irrefutable facts about Trump’s documented pubic conduct and longstanding public persona lead me to figure that this whole “wall” pingpong game of fact-checking and rebuttal is yet another Media Distraction to keep the MSM occupied, paid, fed and obedient.

    Distracting from what, we may ask?

    • The entire Lilith spectrum runs throughout Trump, the Left’s response to Trump, his past and his present. He has, however, done more actual combating of human trafficking of women and children than any other public figure I’ve seen. Legislation, arrests. I personally know people whose childhood sexual abusers are now in jail due to crackdowns in 2017. It has brought them tremendous peace and the ability to move on from stuck patterns.

      The other interesting figure to look at with regard to Black Moon Lilith is Hillary Clinton, who embodies — in different ways — so many Lilith archetypes. Ditto Christine Blasey Ford. Ditto the bizarre Kavanaugh trials with their wailing handmaidens and increasingly hyperbolic accusations that evaporated as soon as he was sworn in. Abortion and refugees are also Lilith topics. I could go on, but it would take way too long to list all the in your face Black Moon Lilith of the past three years.

      Black Moon Lilith and all the reactivity associated with her are “up” for humanity right now. What individuals and leaders choose to do with this archetype is anyone’s guess. It won’t be black or white, though. In order to find balance, it will require massive amounts of forgiveness to repair damage done –damage to those abused and the horror that will fill the hearts of people when the biggest revelations start to go mainstream.

  5. Clare Templeton says:

    Ann: Would you like to refute the DNC agitprop canard about the pussy grabbing and the mocking of the disabled guy or does somebody else have to do it. The full quote in the video refutes #1 and #2 was refuted in YouTube vids showing him using the gesture long before disabled man appeared, about whose disability he reliably did not know. I don’t believe that inaccurate hatespeech and astrological interpretation mix very well plus am tired of every whiney butt liberal snowflake of my acquaintance (most of them Pisces not processing their Neptune transit very well) repeating the memes.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Clare, You are very welcome to be the one who refutes the DNC agitprop, etc. I’d rather plough on than backtrack. Thanks!

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