2019: The horror belches to the surface

And this includes specialized “assasination pistols” that were buried in a big pile in Vietnam all those years ago, after having been used to genocide, one by one, 40,000 suspected “Communist sympathizers.” Kevin Shipp, ex-CIA agent, tells it like it is.

Dark Left Starting Soft Civil War – Kevin Shipp

Anyone who follows this blog knows that it’s not like me to run two nasty, depressing posts in a row:

A Dystopian View of 2019


2019 Begins: YUCK!

And yes, this post makes three. Why?

Something’s making me do it . . .

Hmmm . . .

Am I mind-controlled? NOPE. But I have a feeling lots of people are. Indeed, the entire culture may be subliminally and otherwise “programmed,” via TV and MSM media to “be-LIE-ve” in only certain narratives, those that best fit the agenda of what, during 2018, became commonplace to call the Deep State.

Q’s drops continue to run thick and fast since January 5. The next day, yesterday, Q posted a reference to an article on mind-control that reminded me of all the stuff I’ve read about MK Ultra over the years, ever since waking up via the biography of ex-mind controlled “presidential level” sex slave Kathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America.

Here’s the Q post:

Here’s a long post re: MK Ultra, considering the false flags, assasinations and mass shootings perpetrated by, usually, “lone white males” who often speak of “hearing voices in their heads beforehand.”

I HEAR VOICES: MKUltra? A Worrying Trend Of Mass Shooting Suspects Throughout History Before Committing Horrific Murders


Then there’s Kim Dotcom, who has another prediction to make, for 2019.

“The Criminals Who Run the Deep State Will be Exposed:” Kim Dotcom Teases “Next Round of Leaks”

But hey, best to know what’s really going on, right! Take heads out of sand! Get a good clear look at the muck that we have allowed — thanks to our determination to remain innocent, and thus ignorant — to continue for way too long!

Yes, let’s reverse Jung’s famous quote —

— to read: The darker the shadow, the brighter the light!

Here’s Luke of We Are Change, talking about the good, positive things that are also happening.



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