2019 begins. YUCK!


In keeping with the ignition of fiery energies that I noted in two astrology posts within the this first week of January 2019 —

DOUBLE WHAMMY for 2019: Mars enters 0 degrees Aries on New Years Eve


DOUBLE WHAMMY, January 5-6: Partial Solar Eclipse, Uranus turns direct

— here are a few notables:

Recall this photo of the newly ordained member of the House which has been blasted all over the internet, and illustrates so perfectly the amped up fiery energies as we head into 2019: 

Here’s a very interesting thread:


Re: the rumors of military tribunals, check this out. If true, then the first case is a suspect from the 9/11 attack:

Military Tribunals Begin — DOD invites Press to Cover Hearings at GITMO Expeditionary Legal Complex.

Meanwhile, the same day that this possibility got a lot of press (google “military tribunals January 2019”), Q re-entered the increasingly frenzied zeitgeist, after an unusually long 14 day absence, in a flurry of ten new posts. Check it out!


Meanwhile, the more I think about it, the more I think a partial government shutdown is a very good thing — and in the case of some departments, the longer the better! Reader Rose sent me this, and commented: “Good points herein and makes me wonder if the ‘shutdown’ is the ruse that will initiate a (long overdue) exposure of  bureaucratic redundancy in what could well be yet another Political Chess ‘Trump’.”

The Shutdown Proves How Redundant A Lot of Government Is

We’ve got to remember that the raison d’etre of any bureaucracy is stay alive and continue to expand. Likewise, all the rules and laws continuously enacted by top-down bureaucracies, to the extent that no matter what you do or don’t do, somebody can likely find an obscure law against it! Couple that with universal surveillance of everyone, the possibilities for entrapment are infinite.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is increasingly under fire, or maybe I should say, underwater, with pedophilia charges everywhere, from the Vatican, continuing through  long lists of pedophile priests in various U.S. dioceses, on down to lowly nuns. Just google the subject! But do check out this one, notably on mainstream CBS news:

The Secret Not Yet Told: Women Described Alleged Abuse by Nuns

Of course, the same could be said of Hollywood, politics, orphanages, “Child Protective Services,” music, entertainment, sports, now being dragged into the light, including how bribes and blackmail have been used to control the perps.

Finally, SOTN has several new posts that are, you might say, “required reading.” Start here:

2019: The Year Deep State Gets Demolished

Somehow, I think maybe we’d better not set a deadline . . . The cancerous, suppurating  infection of the body politic has been eating away at our world for a very long time, and will most likely take a number of years to heal.

Meanwhile, where do we begin? Answer: INSIDE THE SELF!

What in me is corrupted? Where am I projecting hidden unwanted parts of myself onto others out-there in the world? Take those projections back. Own up to my own internal ugliness. There is no one alive who has not been touched, and most likely, penetrated and poisoned, by the pervasive evil.






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