A dystopian view of 2019

This just in from John Robb of Global Guerrillas, an anonymous and decidedly dystopian view of the near future. The antidote? There is one, but it requires that we let go of our fractured, ideologically concretized minds and return to our similarly beating hearts. Why do you think I’ve been so focused on what I call “alt-epistemology“? THIS is why. To change the way we think about our own thinking process is key to the dissolution of warlike human behavior. In other words, I sense that the anonymous author is correct. Since most people are still mentally reactive, rather than heart-centered and responsive, 2019 will most likely prove to be an exceedingly difficult year.

The Long Night Is Coming

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  1. Alice says:

    Sorry(in some ways) to take advantage of you, but you are the easiest to speak with. I have a problem when I try to comment with other sites. Need my name and password, which I give but somehow it all never goes thru. Any suggestions about how I might transfer this barrier? Best reguards, Alice

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