DOUBLE WHAMMY, January 5-6: Partial solar eclipse, Uranus turns direct

This is the second time I have recently noticed a concatenation of two events that struck me as synchronous. The first Double Whammy happened on New Years Eve, the midnight bong that fell within hours of Mars ingress into Aries, beginning a new two year cycle of the zodiac for that planet, and, echoing New Year’s Eve, firing up the cultural atmosphere.

Now, only a few days later, we have another Double Whammy, furthering the 2019 ignition: The year’s first New Moon (also a partial solar eclipse visible from part of the earth), which initiates a new monthly cycle of feeling, happens to coincide within 19 hours, the turning to go direct of unpredictable, volatile Uranus in the final two degrees of impulsive, courageous, warlike Aries.

The New Moon’s position, at 15°25 Capricorn, sits sandwiched, nearly midway between Saturn at 11°58 and Pluto at 19°45 Capricorn. Closer and closer, Saturn is inching towards Pluto, to reach exact conjunction in January 2020 and directly affect the U.S. chart. (More on that later.) At this point in time, nine degrees from exactness, we already begin to feel Saturn’s pressure, its guarantee of karmic comeuppance for the Plutonian Deep State structures and systems that have kept 99.9% of the human race in bondage for so long. Especially will we feel this vice grip now, while experiencing this New Moon that yokes Saturn and Pluto together.

Rumors of military tribunals abound.

Trump starts to withdraw troops from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, says Iran can do its thing! That the mid-east is on its own! We’re coming home! (Check out his long, free-wheeling press conference two days ago. Very instructive.) What?, brays the MSM propaganda arm of the Deep State. Impossible! We’ve got to keep those wars going, those weapons and bribes flowing!

Uranus, with its 84 year cycle, left Aries for Taurus in mid-May 2018, correlating with the eruption of the Hawaiian volcano: Earth (Taurus) erupting (Uranus). It then ploughed slowly through early Taurus until mid August, when it turned to go retrograde, slipping back into Aries on November 7, just in time for the mid-term elections. Fiery, uncompromising Arian energies have dominated ever since. This week, when Uranus turns to go direct, signifies a time when those fiery energies amp up greatly, though briefly: Uranus will return to steady, determined Taurus, and a seven-year transit through that sign, on May 16, approximately one year after it first entered Taurus. This time, it will not back up into Aries, but continue on through Taurus. Whatever has been initiated will now ground down and in. Further eruptions from Mother Earth are to be expected, as are fracturing of Deep State structures.

Meanwhile, for the next little while, Uranus in late Aries is joined by Mars, just starting its run through Aries through mid-February, holding our feet to the fire. I can’t help but think of the new, young, female democratic Reps in the House, how they are gleefully stirring up the fires of impeachment. Do they not realize that the new (53-47) Senate will put a stop to their shenanigans?

Image result for we're going to impeach the motherfucker

“We’re going to impeach the motherfucker!”

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  1. kelley says:

    Hello Ann!
    This will not be entirely related to this particular post…but sort of.
    I’ll be turning 77 the 28th of this month & that may explain my astrological fondness for Uranus from amongst the choices available in our solar system. It now turns out that I now have the opportunity & leisure time to observe its playful ways from the perspective of Eastern Europe for the next 3-6 months.
    Having read your fascinating posts re: death & dying I have been blest with a similar life altering experience (not for the first time I might add) that has given my 2nd wife and I an unexpected chance, away from previous commitments & responsibilities, to separate the wheat from the chaff in our lives.
    Up until May/June 2018 I was the picture of health. Practicing Yoga at home on an almost daily basis, doing a 3 mile round trip up & down hills bike ride whenever weather permitted, step aerobics at the Y twice a week, harvesting & processing tons of firewood we use each year, etc. Then I was waylaid by the sudden re-emergence of vertigo attacks I had first encountered 20+ years ago that came with the loss of hearing & tinitus in my right ear. But this time was much more intense & literally floored me. Cat scans & other tests revealed nothing unusual & I recovered within a couple weeks with medication & special maneuvers I learned to counteract the episodes. Then my first bike ride after recovery led to a minor accident that sprained my right knee & further reduced my physical activity. Even the weather seemed to conspire to keep me indoors & on my computer, being either to hot or too wet to do anything outside & my knee was stubbornly resistant to healing making aerobics impossible & yoga awkward & painful. Early fall & in the midst of resuming firewood splitting & stacking my right hip becomes disabled by a sudden onset of excruciatingly painful Bursitis (which is still hampering my mobility). Closing in on the xmas holidays & my wife & I are scrambling to get our affairs in order for a month long trip to Eastern Europe to spend time with her family & (most importantly) spend as much time as needed to help her Mother Eva (who turned 87 on xmas eve) deal with an onset of disabling Spinal Stenosis.
    I was pushing the limits of my tolerance for pain as I shoveled gravel, cut & stacked additional firewood for my niece who would be house-sitting for us & worked to leave things as ship-shape as possible before departure on 12/13 (of course).

    The 22 hour journey (including 8.5 hours over the Atlantic & another 8+ hours in the Amsterdam airport) was exhausting. We paused in Bratislava for a short visit with one of 2 brothers then on to Presov for Mother Eva’s birthday/name-day/anniversary on xmas eve.

    Three days later the vertigo w/vomiting returns & subsides fairly quickly. The next morning after 2 sips of coffee I collapsed. EMS called. Diagnosis…dehydration. An hour later a second collapse in the shower with constricted chest & trouble breathing. Transport to the only hospital in town. Interviewed by non-English speaking folk, blood drawn, xray of chest & another collapse. Admitted for more tests & observation. Within 24 hours after an Ultra-sound of my heart, the tentative diagnosis was pulmonary thromboembolism and I began receiving twice daily injections of blood thinners
    . A ct scan of my head was offered & rejected. Late on Friday a ct scan of my chest was strongly recommended to confirm their suspicions.
    I agreed & 8am Saturday it confirmed the diagnosis. I had a blood clot lodged in the pulmonary artery of my (you guessed it) right lung. I was immediately put on lock down. Confined to my bed with minimal movement, I had a heart monitor hung round my neck & attached to my chest. The female Dr. on duty that morning spoke very good English & was very adamant about remaining as still as possible and told me to ring for the nurse if I needed to use the toilet & someone would come to my aid.
    Now through all of this my wife & I are incommunicado. She needs to be with her disabled Mom, I don’t have a phone, the hospital does not offer wi-fi & my Slovak is minimalist at best. Luckily, most of the 8 or 9 doctors I saw, & some other staff, spoke enough English to keep me informed of my condition & what was needed.
    So there I was on a sunny day in Presov, Slovakia staring out the windows next to my bed at the white birch and fir trees nearby & the snow covered hills in the distance still trying to wrap my head around what had happened & still unsure how serious it was because, by then, I was symptom free & feeling fine.
    Later that day Dasa (my Slovak wife of nearly 22 years) showed up with a USB internet dongle &, voila, I was re-connected to the English speaking world & began doing research on my condition. That afternoon another Ultra-sound confirmed deep vein thrombosis in both lower legs, whence came the clot in my lung.
    By the end of the day my research confirmed my growing suspicion. Had I not sought medical care when I did; if the physicians I encountered had not understood the symptoms I exhibited & ordered the appropriate tests & medication; if I had not been diagnosed & got back on a plane on January 11th to fly home; if more & or larger clots had been released from the clots in my legs; if, if, if!

    There seems to be wide disparity in the information available ranging from 250.000 to 3 million cases annually in the U.S. alone. One study found that up to 70% of deaths attributable to PE were diagnosed post mortem by autopsy either because they were misdiagnosed or never sought medical attention because their only symptom was death. 60% of patients who die in hospital, die from PE (650,000 per year)
    So I dodged another bullet (or the bullet dodged me quantumly speaking).
    During the weeks just prior to our departure from the US kept expressing a desire for more than the month we had arranged to be able to spend precious time with her aging &, increasingly infirm mother. I had been grousing about my bursitis hip & the loss of my own mobility & feeling a tad depressed hoping for & not finding a light at the end of this particular tunnel. I’ve also whined for 40+ years that I would love to rite full time but, but, but.
    As I know you know (and I had clearly lost sight of), the universe is VERY user friendly & goes the extra mile to provide clues for our choice making as well as giving us what we ask for wrapped in a package we might not initially recognize as the answer we sought.
    All of those “slow down & smell the roses” warnings I was getting on the right side of my body (connected of course to my left brain) were ignored or “rationalized”.
    Dasa was torn between taking too much time away from work & the loss of income while feeling a strong need to be with her Mom for more than just a quick visit & help her family work out a long range plan for Eva that does not involve a nursing home.

    So a blood clot nearly stops my heart & I’m told that it will not be safe for me to make a transatlantic flight for anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Prayers answered!
    Uranus has my # & just gave me a not so subtle reminder of whose in charge down here on Mother Earth. Bursitic hip? Who cares! Need time to do that book you’ve said you want to write? Well guess what!
    Mom is delighted that her daughter will be hanging around for a lot longer than any of us thought & her condition seems to improve every day with Dasa’s infusions of anti-inflammatory herbs & spices. Dasa happens to be a Libra (her maiden name – Liberova) & the senior Cook at Denison University in Granville, OH (where I received my (BA in Religion). In the past decade or so she has blossomed as an artist as well as an intuitive gardener & nutritionist. I was not a believer in soul mates & after I destroyed my first marriage, had resigned myself to becoming a hermit. Then came Dasa (aka Dagmar)

    Now here we are far away from the cultural insanity that grips my homeland, living in a nearly self-sufficient apartment at the edge of a small socialist city, with a renewed appreciation of the generosity & Grace that is ever-present but is far too often ignored or rejected in favor of some hubris filled left brain scheme being pedaled by our “civilized” brethren.
    Magic, Mystery, Awe & Abundance & all we have to do is stop playing god.
    I know I’m singin’ to the choir here but this is just a long-winded roundabout way of saying…Keep on, keepin’ on Sister Ann.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      What a wondrous, rollicking tale! So grateful that you chose to present it here on this exopermaculture comments page where hopefully, others will also see, enjoy, and learn from it! Happy 77th!

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