Full of gratitude, on this second day of January, 2019

This early morning I padded into the living room sleepy-eyed, searching for Shadow, who had asked to leave my room in the middle of the night. There he was in the half-dark, curled on the couch, atop my favorite quilt. Instinctively, I stooped down, merged my fingers into his furry skin, seeking warmth, his endless, unconditional puppy sweetness. He opened his eyes, those dark liquid pools, acknowledging our love, our constancy, no matter what, through thick and thin. Then I stepped back, noticing how his steadfast presence swells my heart. This daily interweaving with Shadow, and all our animals who suffer us, our willies, our wiles, our inconstancy, while pouring continuous love forever, thank you!  Thank you, little ones and big ones who grace our days and nights, and thanks to Carol Rosin who sent this meditative video on the second day of January 2019.

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