Christmas Eve afternoon, hiking with Sue and the kids, and . . . OOPS!

We managed to find another piece of Conservation land to hike, even though we had to sneak across one broken fence, leap a stream (more on that), climb a tree, and cross the active railroad tracks. All this before she shopped for the usual seafood for her traditional Christmas Eve meal. In photos and two tiny videos, let’s concentrate on that stream crossing:

First Sue, with help from both kids.

Next me. But no help on this side! I think I’ll try to find another place to cross . . .

Aha! Just upstream! (I had already checked downstream.)

It just goes to show. Whenever things seem impossible, enlarge the frame.

OOPS! While preparing her traditional dinner, she accidentally dropped a full glass quart jug of milk on her big toe. We’re still not sure if it’s broken. She rigged up a contraption to ice it.

That evening, Drew wanted me to try out his new 3D equipment (goggles) with computer games. So I did. We forgot to take pictures, but it was more fun than I anticipated.

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