Christmas Day, hiking with Sean and the kids in the Great Meadows


Conservation areas in this part of Massachusetts are large, varied, and prolific. At one point we came across this map.

Meanwhile, not much wildlife spotted this time of year, though Sean did pick out one lone swan and a Kiera’s eagle eye picked up a dead, partially smashed snake, later identified as a “red belly snake.”

Hmmm . . . we wondered. Is this an animal’s lair? Sean speculated on just how long that tangled mass has sat there, drawing human attention from the wide nearby path

Afterwards, lunch out, though we had trouble finding a place that was open on Christmas Day. Opted to skip the $60/plate buffet at the Colonial Inn in Concord (where Kiera and I had high tea after our visit to Louisa May Alcott’s home seven years ago), and finally landed in a booth at a greasy Chinese restaurant in Maynard. We might eat the leftovers.

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