National PTSD on Christmas Eve — can we begin to integrate our collective shadow?

I read that heart attacks are way more prevalent on Christmas Eve than on any other day of the year.

Well, some say, isn’t that because of all the heavy food? I doubt it. After all, we eat even more heavily on Thanksgiving. Though of course, massive amounts of undigested food do “weigh in” here, I’d say that, because of the preeminent place of Christmas in our civilization’s mythology — not just the original pagan celebration of the start of the Sun’s annual Solstice shift from darkness to light, but the overlay of this ancient understanding via the Christ child’s birth — that the Christmas season tends to bring either joy or heartache, depending on just how much undigested emotional and spiritual food still clogs  our guts, awaiting conscious processing, integration, and/or removal.

And just as many families feel the unhealed wounds that, at some time in the past, fractured their wholeness, especially during this holiday, this season of holy days — these ancient wounds festering annually, and predictably, and sometimes causing the heart itself to break open with grief and longing — so too, I would say, does this American family collectively, sense buried PTSD in its very soul.

And what is the original wound? It depends on how far back we go. For we can always go further, always excavate more unhealed pain. Whether we speak of the original betrayal and genocide of Native Americans, or the false flags that start all our wars and kill thousands, millions of human beings; whether we refer to the horror of Kennedy’s blown head in that open car, or the suit-clad bodies drifting down through the billowing smoke of 9/11, all these horrific events remain undigested, and sit there, and slowly rotting, inside the body politic. For example, let’s consider 9/11.

I just discovered that there is actually a federal grand jury either now impaneled or soon to be impaneled concerning what really happened on 9/11. Amazing, if the truth could actually come out about this signature event in our nation’s history. According to the video below, grand juries can go for as long as 18 months, and then can also be extended. So who knows when we will hear of the results. Meanwhile, this video is VERY instructive.

And BTW, this grand jury is taking place 17 years after the 9/11 event. Which, of course, reminds me of Q, in gematria noted as the 17th letter of the alphabet, and part of the mysterious Qanon lore.

So, here’s to  Happy Holy Days to us all, from Q! May we live to see our suffering world return to its original beauty, prosperity, and human communion with Earth and her cosmic home.




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2 Responses to National PTSD on Christmas Eve — can we begin to integrate our collective shadow?

  1. Anthony says:

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!!

    Your comment on humanity doing their “shadow work” is very astute and timely. It does seem as if most of humanity has decided to do theirs as a collective. If so, then those of us who have done this work already (or at least some if it!) will be pressed into service to help soon. Praying that we are ready to handle the onslaught, and that it goes as smoothly as possible during this coming year!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, big work ahead, with those of us who have been acknowledging and integrating our own shadow all along in the front lines. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Hope you are together with loved ones there as I am here.

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