MY Winter Solstice, and, well . . .

We’re just about at this year’s Winter Solstice moment: 5:23 pm this evening (it’s now 5:10 pm), which, for me, has always symbolized and been experienced as, the most silent, sacred moment of the entire year. And yet, here I am, ensconced within my little Boston area family, with the promise of an outing to see Aqua Hulk tonight! I tried to tell son Sean that I think I’ll bow out, after agreeing that I could do it earlier . . . but I was too late; he’s already got the tickets! So, well, we’ll see what I can make of this strange concatenation of the sacred and undoubtedly, I assume, the very very profane. I’ll review my experience of the film tomorrow.

Meanwhile, none of my Boston family is at all red-pilled, so I must hold my tongue here. And just love them, love them all! Yesterday, granddaughter Kiera and boyfriend Gus and I went into a conservation area near this town of Acton, and didn’t emerge for over three hours, walking numerous trails and contemplating remains of old Native American mounds, standing piles of stone, and so on. The place very much reminded me of Indiana woodlands, and, for that matter, of Siberian and Alaska woodlands! The earth’s beauty, complexity, and subtle intelligence visible everywhere. A few photos follow.

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  1. Janice says:

    Thank you for sharing earth’s beauty.

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