Today’s birthday greeting potpourri . . .

Blessed with abundance! So many friends and family have been weighing in this year — facebook, email, phone, text — as I begin my 76th trip around the Sun. (Oops! No. I’ve already done 76; this next year, now that I’ve just turned 76, will be my 77th year.)

This evening, daughter-in-law Sue and grandkids Drew and Kiera and I will go out to a Japanese restaurant for my birthday dinner. Tomorrow, I switch to Sean’s house, for three days there, and the kids and I are planning lots of hikes, plus a visit with dear old friends Ray and Nancy from my Cambridge days when Sean and Colin were little boys. Then back to Sue’s until the 27th, when I fly home.

As ever, one of my siblings emailed the others that it’s Annie’s birthday. This is a new tradition. It used to be that our intrepid Mom, aka Lady Renee (see posts under “Lady Renee’s Final Year” in The Grieving Time) would let everybody know about everybody else’s special day. Though we’re not yet as efficient as she was in getting the news out, we are learning. So, of course, they all weighed in. Here’s my favorite, because the most hilarious, written by the same brother John that went through the Alaska Earthquake not so long ago and, at my suggestion, wrote up his experience for this blog.



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  1. Anthony says:

    Happy birthday! 76…well, I think that soon we will all turn into Robin Williams and age backwards, so plan what you want to do with your life once you reach 70 again!!

    Your brother seems pretty self-effacing and very accepting and supportive. The best kind of family to have 🙂

    p.s. I left a couple nuggets on your “ET” thread. Since someone else asked about it I left it there instead of sending an e-mail.

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