Ray McGovern, On the Origins of Russiagate

I wish that those who still have knee-jerk reactions to the very word “Russia” would all listen to this presentation. It might help them understand how the American public has been programmed to hate this vast beautiful land and its peoples.

The people, their connections, agendas, and events — political, governmental (especially the alphabet agencies and the DOJ), and MSM media — that all figure in this extraordinary drama documenting chronologically nefarious events that led up to and following the 2016 election do all seem to cohere. Though I’ve been familiar with most of the data McGovern presents, I found myself seeing all of it in a much more stable and grounded context. So much of this nasty, devious, political stuff just seems to flit in and out of my mind. But with this one hour video, I get a sense that now I have an (of course provisional) way to truly make sense of the whole. And yes, Devin Nunes is a HERO.

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2 Responses to Ray McGovern, On the Origins of Russiagate

  1. S. Massey says:

    Thank you, Ann, for posting Ray McGovern’s latest.

    He is my hero and he has the cred to back

    up anything he says with personal knowledge

    and a lifetime of experience.

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