CRIMES OF THE CLINTON FOUNDATION: Two Divergent Views of the Hearing, Its Extreme Import

Note: See this and this.

Below, two more reflections on Thursday’s Congressional Hearing on how the Clinton Foundation, a supposed 501c3 charity, really functioned, from its inception, to massively line the pockets of Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton via money-laundering, pay for play, racketeering, tax evasion, and so on and on and on. Still want that “first woman” in the White House, oh you lefties? I, too, used to be a leftie. No more. By the time the 2016 election rolled around, I knew Hillary was a world-class criminal, not because of Clinton Foundation malfeasance, but because of MK Ultra victim Kathy O’Brien’s autobiographical account of her healing from mind-controlled PTSD:¬† Trance Formation of America. Of course, at first, I was so shell-shocked by O’Brien’s horrific description of her trauma based conditioning to prepare her for her role as a young girl sex slave for the White House, that I didn’t believe it. But I couldn’t forget it, either. Years went by before I was able to absorb its implications.

So I sure didn’t vote for HIllary in 2016. Nor did I vote for Trump, but for Jill. Now I wish I had had the balls to vote for Trump. No matter what else you want to say about him, he IS dedicated to cleaning society of the global scourge of child sex and satanic ritual murder trafficking that has been infecting civilization for decades, if not centuries, turning everyone involved into blackmailed puppets.

Here are two more reflections on what happened Thursday. Let’s hope this time, the news leaks out beyond alternative channels to wake up the mainstream audience. And let’s hope that the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in trafficking also comes to light. It’s not just tax evasion, folks. And not just pay for play. Something even darker is at work.

Remember Trump’s quick reply to Hillary, during one of the presidential debates, “Because you’d be in jail”?

When? we ask, when.

Greg Hunter also agrees that this is the week’s big story. See his weekly News Wrap-up, first 20 minutes.

And for an provocative take on what actually happened on Thursday, seeing it as kabuki theater, but in no way denigrating its importance even so, a post on a website new to me. I’m going to peruse further, as it also features¬† Thomas Wicker, whose acidic, acerbic, intensely revealing twitter posts I used to read, astonished, until, of course, he was banned from that platform.

Clinton in the Crosshairs: Message Delivered, Shots Fired


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