CLINTON COMEUPPANCE Begins Today, 12/13/18, 2 PM, Washington DC

Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers to Testify about Tax Crimes, Pay for Play

I cannot stress enough how crucial this extraordinary testimony before a House congressional subcommitee will be. Tune into C-Span to watch it live.

House Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on the Clinton Foundation

Huber himself, selected by Sessions to oversee 470 investigators, will not testify, but these three whistleblowers will. And perhaps others will come forward. After all, the utterly corrupt Clinton Crime Spree has been global, ongoing, and completely out-of-line with the CF original 501c3 intention, as the Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas. Many commentators have noted that the foundation’s wealth dramatically waxed with the timing of Hillary as first New York State Senator, then her years as Secretary of State, only to see a precipitous decline of 90% when she failed to become president.

Both Hillary, and the Clinton Foundation, have been implicated in child trafficking. Trying to find a single video on this, I come up with something I’ve yet to watch, but I do trust Max Igan.

And then of course, there’s Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake, when the Clintons milked both the Haitians and the people who generously gave money to help the Haitians. Even a huffpo article, usually linked only with “progressive liberals” like Hillary, ran a story about this matter.

The Clinton Foundation’s Legacy in Haiti —  “Haitians more than upset . . .” 

That article is based on an interview with Charles Ortel,  a financial analyst  well known for his continuous — he would say “relentless” — investigation of the Clinton Foundation’s “massive fraud.” For the past two years has been holding long Sunday conversations with Crowd Source the Truth Jason Goodman. I listened to nearly an hour of the latest one last night, and I must say got frustrated. Way too much preliminary back and forth! I have a sense that his new information on the CF began just after I fell back to sleep at about the one hour mark.

I do remember he said that several of the whistleblowers who will testify today contacted him a few years ago when they needed to clarify and learn more about the labyrinthian criminal ways in which the Clinton Foundation has worked.

Kevin Shipp also has a number of youtube videos on the Clinton Foundation, and references Charles Ortel’s work on them.

I decided to do a chart for the two p.m. start date for what I’m calling the Clinton Comeuppance.


And wow, Pluto, Lord of the underworld, at 20° Capricorn, only two degrees from exact conjunction with the 18° Capricorn Midheaven (the public path). Pluto’s dark machinations come into the light!

Uranus and Eris in late Aries near the early Taurus Ascendant squaring Pluto/MC and the nodes.

Uranus, 84 year cycle: unpredictability, startling, sudden changes, lightning in a dark sky.

Eris, named for “the Goddess of Discontent,” discovered only a few years ago, has been in Aries since 1926 and will stay in that sign for over 100 years. Given its ultra long cycle, I tend to identify Eris with the rise and fall of civilizations.

Pluto: 248 year cycle: signifying hidden power, secrecy, the primal life force, death and rebirth.

Uranus and Pluto squared off with one another closely about the time the Occupy movement started, in 2011, and lasted for about six years, cracking the foundations of traditional financial and geopolitical structures. That cracking now threatens to become a complete demolition. In fact, it may be that, a decade from now, when we look back on the events of this period in history, we might time the start of this still young nation’s FIRST PLUTO RETURN (to where it was when this nation was born), to the start of today’s hearing that is bringing to light the crimes of the Clinton Foundation.

Here’s the U.S. chart. Note the position of Pluto at 27° Capricorn. Pluto is now at 20° Capricorn. After nearly 248 years, we are about to begin to confront our moment of truth, as to how power has been wielded in the good old U.S. of A. One might say that the Clinton Foundation is, as this Congressional Subcommittee Hearing names it, a “Case Study,” i.e., an example of what not to do as a so-called NGO.

I will return over and over again, to this enormous subject of the U.S. Pluto return as we go forward through at least 2022.

P.S. — and big hint: Let’s hope Trump wins re-election in 2020, because there is simply no person alive with a greater familiarity with bankruptcy.


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