My original misgivings proved correct, re: “D5”

Note, see this first:

Saint George Herbert Walker Bush: Since when is hagiography required when an evil man dies?

Along with thousands? millions? of other Q followers, I was looking forward to December 5th, when Huber was scheduled to testify on the crimes of the Clinton Foundation.

Then, GHWB died, on Friday, the eve of December. (Or did he die? And when did he die, if so?) In any case, that was the news, and that “news” wiped the slate clean. For it clearly meant, to me and thousands of others, that the next week, that this week, when the mother of all bombs was supposed to drop on Wednesday, D5, TODAY, that instead most likely a long, involved, full of pretense and fawning praise state funeral would be held for this evil man who appeared so wimpy and yet was personally implicated in the deaths of not only JFK, but those of countless people world-wide. And of course, wouldn’t you know, that funeral was scheduled to be held, not just this week as expected, but on Wednesday of this week. On D5! In fact, it’s going right now as I write this, and just as with all the “tributes” being paid to this man, I can’t bear to listen, watch, or hardly even hear about any of it.

Instead, I check out what Q says about this day. Hmmm . . . Interesting that Q put up  post 2549 at exactly 12:01 AM, D5, i.e., precisely as this storied day began.


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