Globalism dies as Nationalism rises

From my twitter feed this morning:

If you haven’t yet seen this video, it’s all over twitter. French policeman taking off their helmets in solidarity with protestors. When the deep state can no longer marshall its guardians, the rule of the few over the many is over.

Katherine Austin Fitts speaks to this subject of Nationalism vs. Globaism in the first part of a recent conversation with Jeff Rense:

Start at minute 3:13: “During the [2016] election you had a serious competition between two factions of the deep state. One wanted to sacrifice Empire to preserve North America, and the other wanted to sacrifice North America to preserve Empire. . .”

Now, let’s descend with the decentralization dynamic. From North America to the United States —  to bioregional, to state, to community, to neighborhood, to household — right on down to the center of each sovereign beating human heart. That’s where true power lies. Each of us, centered inside our own personal worlds, expressing our unique natures fully in cooperation with sovereign others “to form a more perfect union.” WWG1WGA. Our Great Awakening.

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