On the verge of December, 2018: THE QUICKENING

Deep State swamp draining faster . . .

Thanks to podmate, Gabby, who pointed me to this!

And Great Awakening becoming bolder, more obvious.

From my twitter feed:

One of my favorite Q de-coders, Praying Medic, focused on the same photo and enlarged, twice.

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5 Responses to On the verge of December, 2018: THE QUICKENING

  1. Anthony says:

    As I keep watching this kabuki theater play out, I am starting to wonder…even though I will always have my misgivings about Trump and “Q”, is what is going on illustrating for all to see that there really ARE 3D, 4D, and 5D humans on this Earth at this time?

    Is it possible that the Satanic elites are wholly a manifestation of the old 3D reality, where they could get away with the divide and conquer/Hegelian dialectic meme to maintain control, but they are stuck in that reality and do not have the capacity to see how naked their tactics have become to many?

    And are Trump, Putin, and other “white hats” 4D humans that are hip to all the 3D shenanigans, and they know they can run circles around the 3D NPC’s because they are completely stuck in a lower level of reality, and they can’t possibly see or understand what Trump et. al. are doing because they don’t have the proper advanced “programming”?

    And are people like us sitting back watching this whole thing in “5D”, commenting on what all the 3D and 4D people are doing like members in the audience watching old 50’s movies as in Mystery Science Theater 3000?

    Just ruminating, as I get ready to meditate and see if I can see things from a “6D” perspective…

  2. What she said. With a few tweaks on the D’s (for instance some of the 3D hierarchs were 4D and could strategize and wizard better; some of it is a gap in our diverse skin suits where some folks are concrete thinkers and think thems as relish abstracting are squishy). Differences to be resolved in 4D: it’s an Intelligent Infinity system, a living one despite AI replicants which inhere beyond 3D. Galactic rules would appear to be tough but fair, seem lavish but not wasteful. Amnesty for most? Likely..

  3. alex simack says:

    Yes I have caught a few glimpses of that old “quickening.” Gawd indeed how awesome, that those old moments of sanity, clarity with a taste of heaven, can return again. But I don’t believe I have ever known these moments outside of my personal life, in the general collective of religions and politics. I know that many knew them during JFK’s presidency, that “Camelot.” “Came – a – lot” to put a spin of sexual ecstasy on it.

    And what is ecstasy anyway but its very definition, “to stand outside.” To be aware of. To be very conscious.

    I was too young to appreciate JFK’s presidency before he was killed.

    It’s a wild conspiracy theory that JFK Jr. was not killed, rather abducted for safety reasons, until ….. when? So many wild ideas flying around.

    We have been living in a golden age of books and words now for many years. Too bad I can’t live in libraries and book stores.

    Of course the biggest conspiracy of all is the effort to keep the public living in fantasy. Or is that “phantasy?” I like the “ph” better. Keep them idolizing leaders, whether in politics left or politics right, religions fundamental or fringe. Keep them believing they must sacrifice their lives in stupefying labor rather than work that enriches the soul, rather than art that communicates.

    Stupefaction breeds fantasy breeds idolization of leadership. Hey maybe I’m just jealous because not enough are idolizing me — me, me, meeeeee!!!!

    Love ya, Ann, talk with you soon…

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