The Donald’s REVENGE: coming right up?

Check out this tweet. It’s gone viral over the last two days.

Now, for some context:

Someone who would probably not like to be publicky outed sent me a link to an audio performance of a chapter called “Revenge” in Trump’s 2007 book, THINK BIG AND KICK ASS: In Business and in Life. Listen to it, if you dare. I have a feeling that those who are on his (hit) “list” are, at this point, with December 5th and Huber’s testimony coming right up, quaking in their boots.

Remember his chart: Trump’s Mars on the Ascendant at 29° Leo: the WARROR. Fearless. Indefatigable. Never backs down. Instead, gets even, when the time is ripe. And what bugs him the most? Disloyalty. Ingratitude. His Venus conjunct Saturn, along with Mercury, in the familial, tribal sign of Cancer.  Now that he’s “President of the United States of America,” his protective arms fold “We the people” into his expanding notion of family.

A case in point: Notice how he inflamed the verbal jabs traded between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un way back when, calling him Rocket Man, and saying his Red Button was bigger than Kim’s. At the time this exchange itself felt nuclear, utterly outrageous, unbelievably foolhardy. But look what happened next! Kim came to the table, and the rest is history.

All things considered, I’d say the U.S. military was right to recruit Trump to be the figurehead for their long-planned decision to reset this nation upon its original constitutional foundation. For he truly IS an uber warrior, striding across the planet like a colossus.

Do I “like” the vicious, get-even part of him as portrayed in that chapter? Hardly! It’s certainly not my way. But, I confess, it did make me laugh. He not only gets even, he does so with cunning and alacrity! And who else could out his enemies by name and not worry about being sued? Not so much because he has more money for attorneys than they do — though there is that;  but because they discover that whatever they bring to the table is dwarfed by his innate talent for clever combat.

Me? I’m more Neptunian. I seek to subtly dissolve difficult situations rather than combat them aggressively. I do this internally, by working to notice my own projections: what part of me is mirrored in the personality of the one that I am polarized against? Shift that, transform that, let go of that denied, projected quality inside myself, and the entire situation transforms.

But I’m talking subtleties. This man was not chosen to deal in subtleties on the world stage. He’s aiming to strip massive, centuries old corruption from a ruthless set of vicious enemies and the rapacious, psychopathic, pedophiliac, satanic, blackmailing entrenched systems that infect politics, religion, medicine, economics, academia, big business, big ag, entertainment, and MSM media. (Did I leave any out?) This is not a simple, obvious, easy task! People who only recognize 3D chess are blind to the complexity of what he and the white hat military are up against in what appears to be their inexorably unfolding plan.


And yet, I realize: I might be completely wrong! Trump may be the worst enemy we could possibly have! How could he not be, given his rapacious big business history? He’s an uber capitalist, after all, a deal-maker familiar with all the players, no matter how greedy and selfish. His own appetite for more more more material wealth is legendary. Yes, he might just be the most egregious, exaggerated example of the corruption that infects our entire society; and those who hate him, and, let’s face it, are jealous of him, they too mirror exactly who we are! This entire country! Materialistic, territorial, ruthless beyond measure, divisive, polarized, knocking out peoples and countries elsewhere with impunity, ever since this nation was founded in 1776. Only a handful of years without at least one war! Can the tremendous inventive, exploratory capacity of this great technological nation learn to turn from inventing and making ever more and more lethal, vicious weapons to freeing up free energy and other creative endeavors that could enable peaceful cooperation?

I do think that, though Trump is ruthless enough to combat anyone who dares to stand up to him, at 72 years of age, he’s also growing wiser over time, and realizes full well, that the fate of the planet lies largely in his hands. That this IS the climactic moment, for our entire civilization, and he needs to be up to the task. Personally, I’m very glad that, unlike the rest of us, he has never drunk either coffee or alcohol.

I also assume that Trump consciously shares this world-transforming task with his equal counterpart, Vladimir Putin, another schoolboy whom his classmates tried, and failed, to bully. Now, if Trump can just do what Putin did, set policies in place to encourage the entire nation to grows organic, and furthermore: may he learn to recognize the membership of the human race inside the natural abundance and interconnectedness of the whole of Nature.

Putin plays with dolphins; Trump plays golf. Big difference. But first things first.




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  1. There’s the think-big and kick-ass approach, and there is the soft approach. Everyone just audibly speak to each glass or water they drink and tell the water, “I love you. Peace, To Life.”

  2. DawnVierra says:

    Really enjoyed your observations. I find it fascinating how he (Trump) plays the world stage like a big cat playing with a huge ball of string. I can’t help but laugh at his outlandishness. Partly because he is that part of some of us that would like to be able to do that but at the same time knowing in our hearts long term we will need a different approach. If Trump turns out to truly love his country, the world and its Patriots, and takes this huge undertaking to heart, he is exactly what is needed now

  3. Sue M says:

    Below is a comment on the “Donald’s Revenge” article that I wholly agree with…


    I’m not American; I’m an outsider. I’m from a tiny country in a land far, far away from America watching daily developments in US politics with a combination of mirth and some anxiety as well because, anything that happens in America will, ultimately, impact my small, insignificant country in a land not so far away after all (it seems).

    I read my very first book on UFOs (The Hynek UFO Report) in 1979 when I was 13. From there, in my adult years, I’ve read and watched innumerable books, articles, commentaries, films and documentaries, et al.

    At the ripe old age of 52, I’m no longer under any illusion that the world can trust any religious, business, military and political elite whichever side they may claim to be on and fighting whatever cause they may claim to be doing for the masses. Trust Trump? Trust the alternative military faction that wants to prevent the Deep State (or Secret Government or Secret Societies or Secret Cabal, whatever) from preserving the status quo?

    Tell you what, I’ll trust them (maybe) if they were to do something TOTALLY different, i.e. come out to the open NOW and say it NOW. COMPLETELY. FULL DISCLOSURE NOW. No more covert shenanigans fighting this evil secret faction and that secret faction; in secret. Makes them no different from the ‘evil Deep State’ they are fighting with. To me, it’s just so much BS to wrestle control of the narrative away from a faction that they haven’t seen eye to eye with.

    Or else, God help us all.

    Either that, or the EBEs start landing all over the world in broad daylight tomorrow (whether we’re ready or not) and walk into Starbucks to order a coffee to go.

    Richard M Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, George Noory, Paul Hellyer, Steven M Greer, David Wilcock, Joseph P Farrell, Nick Pope, Stanton Freidman, Richard Hall, Richard C Hoagland, etc. : get your notepads ready<<

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Full disclosure is of course the dream of many. It would be wonderful if we could just turn this multifaceted, multidimensional, intensely complex and ultimately mysterious reality that none of us can completely understand into a black and white world where if we just do this one thing, all the rest will fall into place. Magical thinking.

      • Also, keep in mind that, like everything else, Full Disclosure could easily be weaponized to create chaos, extreme fear, WW3 (against “the aliens”), the need for a one world government, etc. Not to mention, “Full Disclosure” happens when individuals come to their own observations in their own lives. That’s what I find so powerful about Mike Clelland’s two books, “The Messengers.”

        This is a worldwide, long term phenomenon. When enough people begin thinking differently about Time, ET’s, multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional beings, we won’t require government to disclose anything. We’ll just “know.” Per fake news, anything can be faked, and that doesn’t guarantee absorption or acceptance by the mainstream or even by small factions of people. But personal, visceral, repeatable, “inexplicable” experiences have a tendency to loosen society’s straight jacket.

        Societal change requires an internal change by enough individuals to tip society. The other issue with “Full Disclosure” now … is that there are different layers of disclosure, and I suspect, MUCH paradox. I love the film, “Arrival,” because it illustrates so well the connection between ET’s and the human understanding of Time. Much more to say on those topics, but that’s all for now …

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