Sliding down the California Rabbit Hole — FIRES: how? when? where? why?

We are all aware of the many theories advanced to “explain” the California fires. From global warming; to geo-engineering (chemtrails); to HAARP;  to wrong-headed forest policies at the state level; to PG &E  equipment, including transmission lines and smart meters; to DEW and other space-age weapons; to hired thugs posing as firefighters and starting fires; to clearing the way for buying fertile land cheap, and/or claiming the land route for the high speed rail; to, ultimately, the big big picture, driving people off rural lands to cities, as per the goals of Agenda 21 and/or Agenda 30. But, does any of us really know for sure? Who can be absolutely, totally sure of the cause(s)? But one thing we can be sure of, and that is this: these fires, and those last year too, are VERY VERY WEIRD, don’t seem to burn as normal “wildfires” do — or did.

If you’re still unaware of geo-engineering (chemtrails), then check out this video. I can’t imagine anyone 50 years or older that hasn’t noticed (and hopefully, paid attention to, wondered why) a complete changeover in what “clouds” look like over the past — what is it, twenty years? Thirty? Not sure. But in any case, here’s the video:

INDIGO SKYFOLD: U.S. Air Force Pilot Exposes Top Secret Chemtrail Program — an Ongoing Deep State Operation

And here’s a compilation of

Must View Videos of Firestorm Analysis

I got both these posts from, which features many more posts on the California fires, and in all its content tends towards alarmism. I’d like to say “take it with a grain of salt,” but, given what is obviously going down — massive invasion at the southern border, continuous deep state attempts to take down a sitting president, continuing exposure of world-wide pedophile and satanic rings used to blackmail; supposedly more than 60,000 “sealed indictments” ready to be opened; plus, of course, the Clintons, our own national — hell, international! — Bonnie and Clyde, still running free . . . I read somewhere lately that back in the early ’80s, Hillary wanted them to become “the most famous couple in the history of the world” — and maybe, just maybe they’ve already made the grade! But let’s just insert a little prefix there, as in INFAMOUS.

Joe M (@stormisuponus)  on Twitter, says that 75% of Americans are now red-pilled. Oops! Correction: are now MAGA. (There is a difference between the two of course: to be red-pilled is not necessarily to be MAGA, but it is to begin to see through the MSM liberal progressive hype. MAGA can also include those who don’t analyze much, but tend to “adore” one whom they view as a real leader who will save them.)



Sure wish I had the time and energy to psychically dip into a sample of say, a thousand groaning Thanksgiving dinner tables all across the country where someone had the temerity to bring up politics and that started a different kind of firestorm . . .

But back to California. And remember, California is everyone’s back yard, and NIMBY. We need to stop this destruction of California NOW. And to do that even more of us need to let go of our fiery hostility to one another’s polarized ideologies and WAKE UP.

Only if we WGA will WG1.


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  1. None of this will matter; PG&E is the designated fall guy and there has to be at least one deep pocket in addition to state forest management practices. A deep pocket needs a lot of public sympathy to be left off the hook; PG&E appears to have run short of that currency. And whether true or false, there are endless comments that the cabal’s Rothchild’s is their main stockholder of both PG&E and Southern Cal Edison.

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