Post-T-Day Saturday Compendium: A few Strange Bedfellows

As you’ve probably gathered by reading my posts, I spend a lot of the night listening to various videos and podcasts. While I might be in bed eleven hours, fully four of them might involve listening, or sometimes, on-screen reading, especially twitter!.

Okay. Now I’m trying to remember where I saw a post that included someone detailing how a money laundering scam works with “best-selling” authors. Anybody know what I’m talking about? Something like this: famous author receives millions dollars in advance from major publishing company, and meanwhile humongous numbers of books are printed. For example, the Obamas.. Where does the money come for either of these? In the end, despite enormous MSM propaganda backing on numerous talk shows, the books end up in Dollar Stores, for 50 cents each. What happened meanwhile?


Here’s an interesting post, published in February 2017, with a supposed claim from wikileaks:

Wikileaks: Clinton, Obama, Soros Overthrew Pope Benedict in Vatican Coup

True? If so, it makes sense of Pope Francis, his left-leaning, globalist pontificating that would erase all national borders to homogenize humanity and clamp down under yoke of centralized New World Order.

Notice, now, that the UN is trying to make refusing migrants a crime!

PURE INSANITY: UN Migrants and Refugees Compact is an Open Borders Suicide Compact for the West (Video)


BTW: At some point recently, I was concerned about the world-wide rail plan, thinking how could it be anything but a globalist idea, and which would then implicate its presumably chief spokesmen, Trump, Putin and Xi, as globalists in disguise. But last night I read a post claiming that this plan is being put in place by bi-lateral agreements between all countries concerned, rather than dogmatically ordered from above. Now where did I see that, and is it true?

How DO we unite the world and yet preserve the sovereignty of individual entities, locating primal power at the bottom, first in Mother Earth, then in human individuals, and then rising up through families, neighborhoods, communities, regions, nations, etc. to whole world networked connectivity without resorting to authoritarian despotism?  The perennial question.

Main theme here:  globalism vs. decentralization, local first! BTW: That TPP draft that Trump overturned on his very first day in office felt to me like a breath of fresh air. Can you imagine, some disembodied bureaucrat in some office somewhere else on the planet telling any locality what to do and how to behave, especially how to analyze what their own environment needs to bring it back to health? Outrageous.

Apparently Governor Moonbeam did exactly that in California, vetoed a bill that had unanimous support in the legislature to allow localities to decide how to work with their forested environments to bring them back to health. It appears that Trump was right about that aspect of the fires.


Middle of the night listening hour: part of a very long interview with Gabor Maté, a psychiatrist who makes a lot of sense to me. I learned from him (in this interview or another? can’t remember) that though Jung deepened our understanding of the collective unconscious by re-introducing the ancient archetypes, it was Alice Miller whose book “Drama of the Gifted Child” (should have been called “Drama of the Sensitive Child,” Mate says; I would just say that all children are originally gifted) introduced the idea of PTSD in childhood that engendered coping mechanisms, including addictions, so as to numb the continuing denied pain. I’ve been a student of both Jung and Miller for decades, and had let go of my own addiction to cigarettes only after inhaling her book, but had not separated out who introduced what.

Here’s an incredible tidbit that connects the two, the collective unconscious and PTSD. From my notes: Matés PTSD,— what I would call his “original wound”: he was two months old when Communists invaded Hungary in 1944. Two days later, his mom called her pediatrician to tell him her baby wouldn’t stop crying, and would he please come over. He said he would, but then added, “All my Jewish babies are crying.” Maté: They were picking up on their mother’s terror.

This reminds me of myself, at nine months, my original wound: the day myather left for World War II and my mother was terrified he would never return. Her milk dried up. She weaned me to a cup.

Speaking of original wounds, I got a chance to watch the entirety of The Open Secret, about pedophilia in Hollywood, last night, even before lying down to bed. It’s compelling, especially in how “grooming” works: pedophile managers, coaches, etc. slowly ingratiate themselves with both their victims and their parents, whose need for their kid to become famous renders them excellent candidates to be preyed upon. The seduction becomes so gradual as to be almost unnoticeable, “where the red line is crossed.”

This  “need to be famous.” How much heartache, and on how many levels, has this one addiction in our glittering “celebrity” society spawned? I much prefer the homeopathic life, wherein I recognize that, just like everyone else, all my actions have a potent homeopathic effect upon society. So be real, be straight, be authentic, Ann — or else!






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3 Responses to Post-T-Day Saturday Compendium: A few Strange Bedfellows

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    On former pope Ratzinger – I did a simple DuckDuckGo search on “Pope Benedict pedophile” and these articles popped up:

    That last one is the best, if not from a MSM source like the others. He was forced to resign due to his (and his brother’s) pedophile past. And the current pope is no better, as he trafficked kids in his home country too.

    And on Dr. Mate: Great man. He wrote “When The Body Says No”, a book I recommend to anyone who is still dealing with trauma issues.

    Take care!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, I’d heard the pedophile scuttlebutt.. Should have mentioned it in the post. But THIS possible angle on it was new to me.

    • Just look in Ratzinger’s eyes. They tell you everything you need to know. It doesn’t get much creepier than that, except for Zbigniew Brzezinski…… . Their eyes make my skin crawl. I know I read people for a living, but I don’t think you need to be particularly intuitive to notice their eyes and sense who and what they are.

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