What I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for:

My continuing physical and emotional health.

My daily practices (walking, yoga, chi kung, tai chi) that ensure my continuing physical and emotional health.

My small nuclear family — two sons, two grandkids, one fabulous ex-daughter-in-law.

My large nuclear family — two brothers, five sisters in the flesh, one now in spirit form, two  parents in spirit form — and all my sibs’ spouses and their many many children. (How many now in our direct line? Sixty? Seventy?)

My even larger family — lots of great cousins whom I rarely see or communicate with but we all know we are all alive!

My growing family of the heart here in and connected to Green Acres Village  and all our animals who keep us real.

My larger, especially permacultural, family here in Bloomington, Indiana,  — including some city officials! — and beyond.

My internet presence, which interlaces me, at various levels, with thousands upon thousands of others, even millions, tangentially, all striving to be the best we can be and to share and educate each other as we move through increasingly precarious times.

Donald J. Trump, for agreeing to give his life to the cause of beginning to shift the energy back from centuries of tightening globalist domination to We the People, here in the United States, and by example, worldwide.

Qanon, as his associated, and apparently deeply knowledgeable across time and space, military intel that helps those of us who are “red-pilled” stay sane and centered despite constant MSM disinfo. 

Above all, I am thankful for, I weep in gratitude in vast appreciation for, the beloved Earth under our feet, holding us all up, bringing forth abundance whenever and wherever we care to re-connect with Her.

And to my own sweet self, for the journey towards wholeness with which I am constantly engaged, and which creates value, through processing my own very real experience over nearly 76 years, to uncover ever widening space/time cycles of meaning . 

And, especially, yes especially, to my own Death, which sits on my left shoulder, this most constant, intimate companion, clearing the way forward through continuously regenerating LIFE. 





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