Alt-Epistemology, Jupiter in Sagittarius: On the radiating implications of “Sovereignty”

As Jupiter begins its year-long passage through Sagittarius, the sign it rules, and is thus thoroughly energized to epistemologically effect life on earth, we can ask, HOW will it effect life on earth? Will we unconsciously utilize this energy to devolve into low-form jingoistic Sagittarian dogmatism, where I’m right, so you must be wrong, leading to inevitable disputes, conflict, fury — and war? Or will we open our minds and climb to the heights, to view the entire human panorama with new eyes, recognizing that each person on this planet is sovereign, having final authority over his or her own self, life, and point of view.

An expanding understanding of Jupiter in Sagittarius asks us to learn to take that last phrase literally: POINT OF VIEW, i.e., point from which to view the world. No one has your point of view except you; and no one else has mine except me. The world is infinite in all directions, and each of us sits in its center, the still point of the turning world, the center from which all else radiates. We each refract reality in our own unique manner, which means: mind-control and herd mentality can go just so far, but do not ultimately, erode personal sovereignty, if and when we recognize that! Of course one can be unaware of his or her own sovereignty, which makes mind control and herd mentality possible. But even so, when we get right down to it, down to what it feels like to be inside the center of the universe, where the primal life force powers our own beating hearts — each, by the way, attuned to all the others! — then unless mind control can control the mysterious life force itself, each of us is home free to be and become fully ourselves, thinking our very own thoughts, until death itself stills the beating heart and releases the soul into an even vaster panorama than expanding Jupiter in Sagittarius can dream up.

It is this infinite variety and complexity of human points of view that engenders continuous radiating discovery and mystery. “Who is right?” mutates into, “Where are you coming from?” i.e.,”What is your point of view? And: “How does it differ from mine?” And especially, What are the real-world consequences of each of them — as determined from each person’s point of view, of course! When we agree to learn to recognize the larger implications  — the real world consequences — of our own personal points of view, then sometimes we actually do manage to come to terms with one another, actually do manage to align our points of view to see enough alike so that we can agree to move forward together. That way, not only do our hearts naturally — and without our even paying attention! — beat as one, but our fractious and unruly minds can too, at least to some extent. To the extent that we can both hold our own center — our own sovereignity — and simultaneously step inside the other’s shoes, see the world according to his or her point of view!

Excuse me for belaboring this issue, but it’s foundational to the rest of this post.

Trump has one overriding goal, MAGA: to Make America Great Again. In this, he is aligned with Putin, who likewise focuses on his own nation’s sovereignty.

Either Russia Is A Sovereign Country, Or There Is No Russia.

And, few people notice, Trump sees all nations in the same way.

For Trump, each nation is sovereign, and trade deals should respect mutual sovereignty, rather than strip it from nation states and hand it up to some centralized power called “globalism” wherein its overarching “laws” would override all other laws, whether national or regional, or state, or local.

But let’s go further.

I noticed on twitter the other day that the Mayor of Tijuana is now wearing a Make Tijuana Great Again hat. YES!

Sovereignty begins at home, in one’s own community. That’s where real power lies, and it moves, when needed, from the bottom up, not the top down, as globalists would have it.

Indeed, I argue that sovereignty begins inside each and every human being, in his or her own heart, and our responsibility for others spreads out from there. First, make sure you are safe, then make sure others close to you are safe, then your neighbors, your community, your region, and so on. Thus Make _____ Great Again applies everywhere, at every level. Each entity, of whatever size and jurisdiction, needs to rediscover its rightful place in the actual hierarchy of being, rather than the hierarchy of faux power that has dominated civilization for millennia.

I read an interesting essay in The Federalist this morning, again, like Tucker Carlson on Fox News, not a publication that I would have found interesting even three years ago, so much has my own point of view morphed.

The Establishment Gets Amost Everything Wrong About Trump’s Saudi Posture 

The author, Mollie Hemingway, talks about Trump’s “realist” stance:

Reasonable people can disagree about whether Iran or Saudi Arabia is the better oppressive regime to work with to advance U.S. interests, but the realist doesn’t think that the brutal extralegal torture and killing of a single domestic opponent would change the decision significantly since the alliance was never formed out of shared beliefs on religious freedom, freedom of speech, women’s rights, or rule of law.

But what especially interests me in this essay lies further on:

Putting one’s own nation’s first is not just not immoral, it’s deeply moral, particularly for those constitutionally charged with protecting the nation and her interests. Yoram Hazony argues as much in his most recent book, and Christian and Jewish philosophers have long argued that it’s moral to be concerned first with one’s near neighbors, extending the concern out as able.

After paying attention to those who decry Trump’s decision to continue with Saudi Arabia, despite the Kashoggi killing (and who knows who this man really was, and who killed him, and if he was really killed, and why. You might check out Sibel Edmonds on twitter; she has been on the ground in Turkey ever since this MSM story, meant to turn the U.S. away from Saudi Arabia, and thus further destabilize the mideast, broke), there’s this:

But of course everyone in this fight is making arguments for political reasons, including those such as Rand Paul who oppose the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia while it’s fighting in Yemen, and others who prefer Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood as hegemons in the Middle East. There’s nothing wrong with political argumentation. The problem is when people pretend they’re talking about a shared hatred of a brutal murder instead of talking about underlying foreign policy goals.

Again, let’s remember, SOVEREIGNTY, a crucial concept to internalize during these days when the final push to full-on globalism attempts to continuously either overwhelm or undermine Trump’s Make America Great Again goal. SOVEREIGNTY begins at home, inside me, inside you, inside each of us, as ultimately of irreplaceable value. Each of us empowered by the life force to be and express fully our own unique nature while celebrating with others both our diversity and our unity, via our common recognition of SOVEREIGNTY as the foundational understanding.

When each of us is fully ourselves, we can go forward together. Make our own selves great again, make our households great again, and our neighborhoods, our communities, our regions, our networked interrelationships with the entire world.

Would that all of us, both individually and together, declare our SOVEREIGNTY, live up to our full, limitless potential!




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