Tucker Carlson eviscerates the selfish myopia of America’s ruling class

I wish my die-hard Republican father were still alive. He and I could watch Fox News, or at least certain people on that channel, together! Something I never in a million years would have thought possible. As a ’60s hippie with progressive liberal values (aren’t all “right-thinking” people progressive liberals?), I assumed that he was not only old-fashioned, but just plain dead wrong. Period. He must be wrong, if he’s Republican. Not that I was a Democrat. I preferred, of course, since I was “educated,” with a nuanced point of view, to be called Independent, which I still am, decidedly, but not because I’m educated, in the classic, liberal sense, but because I’ve been woke.

Again, I didn’t mean to get woke. I just found myself morphing. Am I crazy? And am I crazy to continue to live in a university town that is, of course, still die-hard progressive liberal?

So here I sit, as the founder of Green Acres Permaculture Village, “showing the way forward” as one tiny, earth-based, human-connected ecosystem smack in the middle of green lawn suburbia. And while I don’t button my lip, I don’t go out of my way either, to proclaim to all that my point of view is not  mainstream Bloomington Indiana.

Early this morning, while lying in bed, I had the pleasure of listening to Tucker Carlson speak at a recent meeting of California conservatives. Aside from snippets here and there, this is the first time I’ve heard him out in an extended manner. And I discovered that I deeply appreciate much in his way of seeing the world, and find it amazing that he can admit to both his privileged origins of inherited wealth and his privileged status as a MSM “talk show host” (his language), and still manage to, and with hilarious detail, identify and incisively cut through all sorts of shibboleths long associated with his own rich liberal progressive class that lives in gated communities while righteously decrying as morally and politically incorrect the idea of a southern border wall.

I think it may have been the realization that liberal progressive values lead, if followed all the way through, to a globalist, top down, homogenized, centralized “New” world “Order” that finally woke me up. That, and my reading of Trance Formation of America, by Kathy O’Brien, an MK Ultra mind control slave sex trafficked to my then hero Hillary Clinton. Yes, that woke me up sooner than I wanted, and in fact, the book sat inside me, simmering, for years before I finally owned up to its implications.

Tucker Carlson talks about neither globalism or pedophilia in this video. I don’t know how much he looks at either of these overriding themes. Globalism, as the end-game, and pedophilia (and satanic murder, etc.) as the devastating blackmail tool of the globalists, are of course, of ultimate importance for us to grok in our awakening.

And you know what? I was glad that he didn’t talk about globalism or pedophilia. Instead, he plumbed into a different way of seeing what has gone down in America that would lead its vast “deplorable” former middle class to choose maverick Donald Trump as their president. See his new book: Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution.

Even my Dad, that die-hard Republican doctor who hated socialized medicine, would have known that Tucker is right. Indeed, he told me many times that unless wealthy people begin to share their wealth, there will be a revolution.

Tucker’s quick-witted wit and multi-leveled intelligence (seeing both details and overview), combined with his conservative, i.e., needing to secure, or conserve, preserve, deep-seated and specifically American values based on the Bill of Rights, made me want to take a quick look at his chart. 

And yes. Quick-witted intelligence (Mercury/Venus/Mars connected in Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius) combines with incisive analysis (Pluto/Jupiter in Virgo), and lots and lots of Taurus (Saturn, plus powerful New Moon, i.e., Sun and Moon). His values are foundational. Which makes me wonder: what would happen if he was introduced to permaculture?

P.S. His Ascendant, at 24° Cancer, sits exactly upon the U.S.A. Mercury. I’d say that, at this moment in history, Tucker Carlson, who himself has four children, speaks for us. America as family. And BTW: this Asc/Mercury combo in Cancer position is also extremely close to Donald Trump’s Venus and Saturn. Both men are family oriented. For both, it appears that they have extended their notion of family to the nation of their birth.

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4 Responses to Tucker Carlson eviscerates the selfish myopia of America’s ruling class

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    HI, Ann,
    You might find this article interesting, from the Boston Review:


    “It is important to recognize that, from the start, journalism had nothing to do with the format that emerged in the right-wing media. Limbaugh himself is all commentary. And Fox News very early on has this pretend news component, but with a very strong emphasis on opinion personalities. If you look at the programs today, it is clear that the straight news programs are not popular on the right. Instead it is Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, which blend opinion and editorial. It is all identity confirmation all the time.

    “We call this core dynamic the propaganda feedback loop: you cannot afford to do anything else in that media ecosystem—you lose audience if you push back with facts that do not conform to the identity. That is what brings people to you. What differentiates your product is that you tell people it is okay to be angry, it is okay to hate, it is OK to not believe anyone who tells you something that doesn’t fit your bias. And politicians on the right are stuck in the same feedback loop. Those among them who want to stay tethered to reality get vilified or simply ignored. “

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks Joy, for this! What strikes me is that FOX right wing analysis is not as disguised as the more mainstream left wing analysis. The disguise? The pretense of objectivity, as if “the news,” whatever the source is not always coming from a particular point of view, i.e., point from which the world is viewed. Each individual exhibits (or tries to disguise, by assuming an omniscient “god’s eye” view) his or her unique point of view.

  2. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    I agree about the “disguise” of neutrality. I just don’t know how to combat it without going to the opposite polarity. And adopting a silent, waiting, witnessing “third” position is perceived as being on “THEIR” side, not “OUR” side, whichever side is meant at the moment!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      It’s okay what “they” think. I’m not in this game for my reputation. And I don’t think you are either. I would love to have lunch some time and discuss further!

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