X-22 Report interviews Bix Weir: Hey Donald, lay it all out there! We can take it!

About ten days ago I shared an X22 Report, saying that I am amazed at how sure of himself “Dave” (only his first name on reports) is about what he believes, and how he thinks geopolitical events are rolling out exactly as planned. But: I see here that he has talked yesterday to someone, Bix Weir, who is much more experienced, and asked Bix questions that touch on all of his certainties — which helps Dave, and helps us, to keep abreast of what might really be going on. I admire anyone who can ask someone more experienced to explain his or her point of view on subjects in which they both have an abiding interest, in this case, the factors that figure in the nature of the “chaos” that will (and is) inevitably attend(ing) the dismantling of the old fiat economic system and the birth of the new which, Bix claims will be a combination of gold-based assets and cryptocurrencies.

Hey wait a minute! —I want to say. What about the vision of a world without money, and of living “below money” as far as possible meanwhile? How about a gifting economy —

Gift Economy is 5th Dimensional

— where we cannot help but share our bounty with one another, not because we’re forced to, but because our innate generosity simply overflows?

But back to Bix Weir, who is always interesting, and in this case, I totally agree with him that what is needed is total transparency, TRUTH; come on, just lay it all out there, Donald, we can take it! — an attitude that dovetails with this year’s passage of Jupiter through Sagittarius. YES!

BTW: Donald Trump has his Moon in truth-telling, big picture Sagittarius.


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