More, much more, on possible expanding import and context of California Fires

Trump’s plane is a SCIF. Hmmm. Both California Governor Brown and soon-to-be Governor Newsom rode with him on that plane yesterday on the way to view the fires. What did he say to them on that plane? Are faulty “forest management practices” the cover story for something far more sinister that Trump is fully aware of?

I do wonder what all Trump knows about the possible deep background of the recurring, more and more lethal fires, as the takedown/takeout of California proceeds. At least it does appear that this state, the breadbasket of America, and itself the fifth largest economy in the world, is being slowly incinerated. But is all lost? Check these out. Remember, millions upon millions of highly creative and networked people live in this state; thousands of them are now displaced by fire and/or have lost loved ones; even  celebrity-studded Malibu did not escape; Is the tech heartbeat of Silicon Valley next?

If the people who call California home do actually mobilize, what would happen then?

Rich Buckley mobilized himself personally, copying his letter to the President in my comment section:

Dear Mr. President,

Bless you for your courage and willingness to serve.

Perhaps the time has arrived to publicly question one US Air Force mission in weather warfare, i.e., “Control The Weather by 2020”.. which has morfed into “2025” for funding and morphing again into “2030” to institutionalize. Surely Sir, you are aware that the tool kit now being deployed to achieve weather control (chemtrails, HAARP, Nexrad, Directed Energy Weapons and more) is THE major deadly force behind California fire storms and our man made droughts.

A very large number of us are waking up to realize our childhood memories of the skies never had chemtrails. Others have started studying the subject and see the situation for what it is.

Very Respectfully,

Doreen Agostino sent this from SOTN, again to my comment section:

ATTACK ON CALIFORNIA: An Open Letter to President Trump

Finally, here is an Open Letter, sent to the people living there by the rest of us, via aim4truth. For we do need to realize, that if this massive and ongoing destruction is not stopped, we are all next. There is no NIMBY. We are all neighbors. We are all family. We are all beloved. WWG1WGA.

Each of us with a thinking cap on is asking, what issue will truly bring the left/right D/R divide together? What single issue might have the capacity to unite all the races, religions, multiplying genders, classes, and so on. The horrifically continuing unfair treatment of Julian Assange may be one. As might the evisceration of California.

Oh, and check this out. I have no idea whether or not it is simply fear porn. But it does put what might be the entire California strategy, including what appears to be fires along roughly the same route as the planned high speed train, in a brand new light.

BTW: when I googled “high speed train linking china, Russia and U.S.” (should have included Japan) I discovered this kind of thinking has been batted about in some quarters since at least 2014. Which, frankly, puts the reported rapport among Putin, Xi and Trump in a new light, too. For how could this kind of thinking NOT be globalist? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I sure do want to be wrong. Hope this IS just fear porn.

In any case, even so, its wise to cultivate, as Q puts it, “situational awareness.”

Boom!! 3-Trillion Dollar China-Russia-Canada-America Train/Tunnel Connection to California DEW Fires… With Links to Lockheed Martin, Jerry Brown, Feinstein and Voter Fraud




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