Thanksgiving momentum, checked at the gate . . .

One day past Venus turning from retrograde to direct motion, and on the very day that Mercury turns to go retrograde from direct motion (yeah, feels like a whip-saw), I decided early this morning NOT to drive this weekend to Massachusetts. And in fact, to cancel the trip altogether. Several portents converged to settle me into this strange reversal, which BTW, is very unlike me. I usually plough on, through whatever, no matter what.

And the “what” in this case is the fact that in my astrological chart, transit Jupiter is crossing over my accident-prone Mars/Uranus opposition in early Sagittarius/Gemini, plus, this very weekend, transit Venus is squaring all three of them from early Pisces. Well now, transits to that Mars/Uranus usually don’t stop me. I’m used to danger, quick reactions in changing conditions. But giant Jupiter? Geez? That huge planet that only crosses my Mars point every 12 years? And then transit Mars itself, triggering Jupiter’s effect on Mars/Uranus over these exact two days?

Even before I had checked the astrology of this time, I had been having strange visions of being in an accident, of feeling decidedly not safe on this trip. I kept batting them away. NO! I’m going! And so yesterday, I began to pack.

However, by yesterday evening, I had already decided, despite having made a room reservation in Buffalo New York for tonight, that I would ask for guidance. Some kind of portent to help me decide, stay or go. A dream?

No, not a dream. Instead, puppy Shadow, who had been sleeping at the bottom of the bed, crawled up to my face, trembling, and asked to go outside. He did that, which thoroughly woke me up of course, and while waiting for him I once again checked the weather. . . when he came back in, he was still trembling, and asked me to rub his belly, which I did for quite awhile. Already, I had decided that this was my sign: puppy Shadow’s unusual, prolonged trembling, in the middle of the night. Don’t go!

But still, there was such momentum!

After tossing restlessly for several more hours, in the early morning I checked the weather once again. Wow. Another weather pattern, across the exact area I would be crossing to get to Boston.


Now this may not be much snow, but it’s affecting an interstate, during the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, and I’m nearly 76 years old, driving alone for eight hours each day, with all that Mars/Uranus/Jupiter energy ramping up the energy and the danger . . .

So thanks, puppy Shadow, for the trembles. I’m planting myself right here, for the Thanksgiving duration.

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving momentum, checked at the gate . . .

  1. TurtleTurtle says:

    Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving Day, where ever you are! I have never understood astrology, so that is like reading Sumerian, but trembling puppies I do inderstand!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, and it’s the ONLY time he’s ever trembled in the night like that. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. I’m just about to search for cheap direct flights to and from IND to BOS for Christmas. We’ll see. I may just bag holiday visit this year.

  2. TurtleTurtle says:

    We have canceled all the usual fare, including a trip to Atlanta for a weekend with my Mom and Dad. This year they wanted to pick us up and fly to Chicago instead. Chicago!!!??? My brother has done the same regarding his usual Thanksgiving foray to Florida. My parents are confused as we all bailout, but they don’t understand what is really happening. We are at war. We are having a civil war right under most people’s noses and they don’t realize it. It is believed that last Q posts with the [placeholder…] entries are instructions to unseal indictments and begin the arrests in sequence. Retaliations will begin. To me, the last place I would want to be is traveling, in a crowd or at a busy mall on Black Friday. My home is my castle and there I shall stay!

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