Is California the Testing Ground for What Comes Next Everywhere?

While the title to the following post looks so drastic as to be suspiciously exaggerated, is it? I listened to the included video, and was riveted, all the way through. It places various theories about the weirdnesses concerning the intensely hot, fast moving, and seemingly “selective” California fires, both north and south, in an immense spatio-temporal context that basically includes them all. Chilling in its implications.

And to think that “we” have allowed ourselves to become so jaded that what’s one more ongoing firestorm in a world gone mad?

My heart goes out to all who continue to lose lives, minds, homes, pets, friends, families, land, communities.

My heart goes out to all who still can’t wake up to the many faces of globalist evil.


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Image: Country Living Magazine

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5 Responses to Is California the Testing Ground for What Comes Next Everywhere?

  1. While I don’t recommend copying and pasting my exact letter I sent, you are certainly welcome to do so. My letters to the White House are always respectful but challenging:

    Dear Mr. President,

    Bless you for your courage and willingness to serve.

    Perhaps the time has arrived to publicly question one US Air Force mission in weather warfare, i.e., “Control The Weather by 2020”.. which has morfed into “2025” for funding and morphing again into “2030” to institutionalize. Surely Sir, you are aware that the tool kit now being deployed to achieve weather control (chemtrails, HAARP, Nexrad, Directed Energy Weapons and more) is THE major deadly force behind California fire storms and our man made droughts.

    A very large number of us are waking up to realize our childhood memories of the skies never had chemtrails. Others have started studying the subject and see the situation for what it is.

    Very Respectfully,

  2. Anthony says:

    I am in the middle of this insanity, but thankfully, so far the flames are not close to us. I’m actually sitting at my work desk in Sacramento, wearing an N95 dust mask that has been issued by the county for all personnel. All employees have been asked to discontinue any non-essential outside work, and many people are being sent home.

    The smoke is so dense that it at first looks like tule fog, and it is so thick that the sun is nearly completely blotted out. When it is visible it looks blood-red.

    There are a lot of people who work here who know people that have been affected by these fires over the last three years, but this one is much worse. There are reports that as many as 700 people may have lost their lives, and the number keeps growing. All I can do is hope for the best and be present for those who need solace, especially since it is becoming increasingly likely that NOONE is escaping this.

    What irks me about this however is the continued insistence that PG&E is at fault; that heavy winds, increased fuel load, and improperly maintained power lines are to blame. Yes, there has been no effort on the part of our dear governor to pay for removing dead vegetation, but the winds have NOT been what they claim them to be (in fact, they are nearly stagnant and have been for months). And there are many who are saying that instead of actually trying to fight the fires, firemen have been ordered to stand down and just move people out of the way.

    And to the above fellow who mentions chemtrails: I know they exist, and I work in a field where I at one time had amassed a large amount of data from our laboratory that proves without a doubt that the spraying has been going on. When I tried to share this data with reputable outside sources, however, my e-mails were intercepted; my physical mail was opened; my computer and my cell phone were destroyed remotely; and helicopters would fly over my house repeatedly after posting about this on-line. Also, my boss informed me that I needed to find another reason for why the fish were dying in our tests on river water, and that I was under *no* circumstances to suggest that what was killing the Delta smelt may have had something to do with what I discovered.

    I know this is going on. I at one time had physical proof. I know others who also tried to expose this. But at this time, trying to do so would probably end with us all being picked up and thrown in jail – such is what happens to whistle-blowers these days.

    So, do the next-best thing: survive. Remember. Prepare. And help all those who are suffering now, as best you can, and pray for the day when all will be made right. One day, when all this is over, it will be people like us who will be counted on to explain what happened, and why – but right now that means very little. Instead, be compassionate and help any who need it. It is our common humanity that will unite us all, in the end.

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