Middle of Night Discovery: James and JoAnne Moriarty on LIBYA

Remember this video? Perhaps the most iconic eleven seconds on the internet.

Shown below, a 33-minute video that stripped the veils from my eyes. Not that I didn’t realize, at some level, that the U.S. was complicit in whatever went on with Libya, but that the level of perfidy, according to these two Americans who were deeply familiar with Libya, both before, during, and after the carnage, was truly monumental.

After listening to this, still unable to sleep, I googled their names and discovered that there are many much longer videos that detail their story. Which is good, because they tried to cram way too much info into 33 minutes.

And what really strikes me now, is that I had never heard of this couple before! Never! Despite my understanding that the internet has basically siloed all of us into our own little compartmentalized areas of interest, I thought that I would at least know something about major players in areas of interest to me, like the Mideast. Especially, major players that had info about Hillary, which these two decidedly do. Really an eye-opener, giving us a quick, penetrating view into the way the deep state/corporate predatory capitalist bankster military industrial complex operates, around the world.

Also, I had heard vaguely that the U.S. view of Libya and its leader was misleading, but I had absolutely no idea that Quadaffi had built up a country that truly benefitted all of its people! No wonder the Libyans loved their leader, and no wonder the deep state needed to destroy it.

The contrast between Before and After has never been so clear to me. Thank you.

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6 Responses to Middle of Night Discovery: James and JoAnne Moriarty on LIBYA

  1. TurtleTurtle says:

    Astounding. Add a tidbit of research that I found, which is now impossible to give the sources on as even the Chan page with it and all the other research submitted has disappeared. Gadaffi’s money was hidden in hundreds of apartments in Aftrica, and there was one list. That list eventually found it’s way into the hands of a ‘minister’ in a village in northern AZ that is comprised of all human trafficking/sex slave workers and their handlers. (Same town that H. Weinstein used to go to for ‘txt’ for his desire for pedo; a medical service/psych hospital that provides interesting services involving infants) The money, located one apartment at a time, was loaded into Red Cross boxes and then shipped into the U.S. There were pictures too! The best tracking is that they used the Clinton funded private, tax free and non-inspection airport in AR and then used the transfer trucks from Walmart and ____(my mind just lost that) trucking company that have headquarters nearby. Supposedly, all that money has been moved into a storage location. Never inspected as all things moved via Red Cross are. I had direct experience with the Red Cross during Hurricane Andrew some 25 years ago in Miami. Not helpful to the people. Not what most think it is. As to Libia, the invaders were Deep State and used our soldiers to do the grunt work. There are pictures of the soldiers with their faces covered; signs in front of them, handwritten telling the horror of what they were ordered to do. I am still horrified by what has gone on in the world. I am also surprised that these two lovely and honest people have not been ‘suicided’. May God protect them all their days.

  2. Earl Kelley MacArthur says:

    You continue to amaze me with your late night forays down the rabbit hole & the gems you find to share with the rest of us. I just emailed the Moriartys to get a copy of their video “Escape from Al Qaeda”. There are so many people I want to share it with even though I know (as do you I’m sure) getting anyone to sit down & take a serious look at history that doesn’t fit the narrative they have already subscribed to, is nearly impossible. But I keep trying & I am forever grateful I found your blog & the wealth of credible information you have unearthed.
    Be well!

  3. Earl Kelley MacArthur says:

    Oh & just so you know, the iconic video of hilary has been “removed”.

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