Liz Greene: Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2026) Overview

Liz Greene is perhaps my very favorite astrologer, in that she is very much oriented to the unconscious mind, and has published penetrating books on Saturn (keeper of the gates to the unconscious), plus Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, all denizens of the unconscious that both deepen our intelligence (if we can manage to consciously attune to them) and connect us inexorably with humans everywhere, since we are all being struck by (Uranus), swimming(Neptune) and diving (Pluto) in the same unconscious soup! Think zeitgeist! And how it changes through time, synchronized with the planets of the unconscious as they change signs through time.

Indeed, were it not for the planets of the unconscious mind, I would have not nearly the same interest in the symbolic language of astrology.

Green’s overview of the possible repercussions in and to the United States of Pluto’s passage through Capricorn was written in 2005. It feels remarkably prescient, if perhaps a bit too optimistic. On the other hand, Liz Greene did not predict the rise of Donald J. Trump. Who could have predicted that?

It’s as if he came out of nowhere, to hurl a wrecking ball into long-running deep state plans to obliterate the U.S. as a nation and fold it into the “new world order” centralized state otherwise known as “globalism.”

Instead, Trump talks MAGA “Make America Great Again.” And that’s not just an egocentric boast. He also, in a recent tweet, exhorted France to “make France great again.” The point is, Trump is a nationalist, not a globalist. Period.

I read recently that Hillary wanted Trump’s nomination as Republican candidate, figuring he’d be easy to beat!

BTW: If you have time, you might want to watch this video, a compilation of clips from various Trump interviews from 1980 on. It certainly does appear that he is doing, or damn well attempting to do, exactly what he has been talking about all along. Whether or not his diagnosis of the deplorable state of the U.S.  is correct, or attempts to rectify the situation are either meaningful or helpful, especially after watching this video, I’d be surprised if anyone could continue to think he’s an idiot, a fool, and a liar. As a savvy businessman, he has a proven track record. And unlike politicians, despite massive resistance, he’s actually following through, or attempting to follow through, on his promises.

Frankly, given Trump’s deep familiarity with the process (and opportunity) of bankruptcy, I’m grateful that he’s our president during this time. Because you know, in your gut, that this is where the U.S. is headed, has been ever since early 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn and the big banks nearly all went bust. Perhaps the actual bankruptcy will be kicked off by the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction (January 2020); in any case, Pluto has been opposing the many U.S. planets in Cancer, detonating one after another, ever since 2008. And it’s nowhere near done!

The most significant transit of our lifetimes, and of the — still short, remember, compared to, say China, or India! —  lifetime of the U.S.A. itself, will be the first return of Pluto to its own natal place in the U.S. chart. Might we begin to get a taste of our own medicine? Might we begin to recognize the wisdom of growing up and not acting out like a teenage bully?

We are already feeling a foretaste of this transit, as much vaunted hegemonic American power (“hyperpower,” “empire,” “Project for a New American Century,” 800 military bases world-wide) over the planet begins its long, slow, deeply painful decomposition. This process will ramp up to actual detonation during the final years of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn (2021-2024), during which I expect an ongoing dematerialization, one after another, of all the hierarchical structures that have held energy in form since the U.S. was born. This includes central banks dealing in fake fiat money, the reliance on war to keep the economy growing (the U.S. has been at war for all but 14 years of its existence), and the predatory capitalist economic system as a whole. As has been said many times, one cannot continue to infinitely “grow” an extractive economy on a finite planet! And capitalism, by its very nature, requires continuous growth!

If even a semblance of these “United States” survives the Plutonian onslaught of death and rebirth of the material structures that hold energy in form we might finally expect to participate in the emergence of a new reality, one in which the deep state which has been running the U.S. is no longer capable of holding its own people in economic slavery, nor of policing, enslaving, and destroying the rest of the world.

More on both those configurations to come. Meanwhile, I give you Liz Greene’s interpretation, composed in advance, of the long Pluto in Capricorn transit and its possible effects on the U.S. chart.

The National Chart of the United States: 2008-2024



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7 Responses to Liz Greene: Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2026) Overview

  1. “It’s as if he came out of nowhere, to hurl a wrecking ball into long-running…plans…”

    reminds me of the second volume of Asimov’s “Foundation” series –when a mutant (“The Mule”) quite unexpectedly comes on the scene and seems to wreck psychohistorian Hari Selden’s “plan” to short circuit the 30k years of barbarism which was sure to follow the (inevitable) collapse of the First Galactic Empire down to a mere 1k

    like The Mule, The Donald is definitely a Wild Card.

    though i can’t say that i agree that after “watching this video…[no one] could continue to think he’s an idiot, a fool, and a liar”

    i certainly don’t think that he is either an “idiot” or a “fool” (whatever that word might mean); rather he is, rather obviously, a very seriously disturbed young soul, suffering from a recognized pathology (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), which must surely show up in his natal chart.

    as must his skill as a very savvy conman, with a proven track record in that profession.

    as for his being a “liar” (judged by any reasonable standard), evidence of that aspect of his character is bound to be in that chart as well.

    to say nothing of his “deep familiarity with the process (and opportunity) of bankruptcy” (vide supra, re “chart”).

    the obvious divinatory validity of astrology –based, as it is, on a sound grounding in synchronicity– leads me to wonder what if you, Ann, were to engage in a re-analysis of his chart, one which is adjusted to take into account a few of the empirically undeniable evidences of the nature of his personality and (historical) role, like his track record as a consummate conman, his incessant lying, his rather glaring NPD pathology, etc. –rather than being based on (apparently) your own projections.

    my “faith” (sorry, a word that has some bad connotations, which i do not intend) in the validity of Astrology is unshaken; as is my “feeling” (better?) that your expertise in that discipline is clear.

    the mystery to me is how you could arrive at such mistaken interpretations of this trouble personage, so counter to the most evident actualities which are apparent in what we sometimes refer to as the “Real” world.

    clearly, something has clouded your judgement.

    how about looking at his chart again, taking into account the most obvious (and, in a sense, “superficial”) empirically verifiable traits.

    i do not believe that you would have to disavow many of the fundamental premises which lie behind some of those less Off-the-Wall conspiracy theories (e.g., yes, the country is definitely in Heavy Do-Do and the “deep state” clearly does exist) in order to re-assess your interpretation of synchronistic evidence, just “adjust” and re-calibrate them (probably only very slightly) in order to bring them closer to the empirically verifiable situation which we are actually looking at.

    i mean, like the fellow said, who you goinna believe, his chart or your own lying eyes?

    both, i’m thinking.

    they should not be in conflict.

    for some reason, your interpretation of the former is Flawed.

    fix it.



    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Oh my. I simply don’t go where you go with this man! I see all that you see, and I consider it surface fluff, his persona, not his essence. That persona has led him to this place. He can take the kind of heat that you and others throw and not bat an eye.

      His astrological chart: I interpret it according to my sense of the man, his being. In contrast, someone who, as you say, is a “young unevolved soul” would first of all, not choose such a chart (this configuration (Sun/Uranus opposite Moon with Mars on Ascendant in late Leo) would be “too difficult” to work with: plus, its unusual precision and level of both energy and difficulty is not something a young soul could master); and secondly, if a young soul did happen to chance upon such a chart, then he would likely flame out as a teenager.

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        Chris, if you would please also read my reply to Antony. We are in perilous times; how we feel, think, and act as individuals who connect with other individuals, will tell the tale of what is to come. Trump is like a rorshach blot: we see him either as the part of ourselves we do not like or the part of ourselves we do like, depending on which part (ego or essence) of him (and of ourselves) that we are attuned to.

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    As you know, I, too, have some issues with our president. It has nothing to do with his chart (!), but with some simple facts. What I’m going to present is based on this article by Brandon Smith:

    In that article, Brandon makes a compelling argument that what is going on with all this chaos is an attempt by the globalist elite to impose their will upon us, but by way of deceit. And he makes some very good points, especially re: Trump and his background, and the people in his cabinet.

    Trump has many former bankers in his cabinet – Mnuchin, Kudlow, and Ross the three main ones – plus: John Bolton. He also has a son-in-law who is also a former banker and whose family has deep Rothschild roots, *and* who is very close to both Benjamin Netanyahu and George Soros.

    Knowing just these salient facts (and Mr. Smith has links to some of this in the article above, plus some interesting background on Putin), and coming to terms with the fact that NONE of the wars that he campaigned to stop have ended, but in fact some have actually gotten worse in some ways, is it wrong to not still wonder about him? Is Mr. Smith right, and what is going on is just more of the same as the last 100 years?

    I hope I am wrong, and that the entire reason for him putting those people in his cabinet and then so flagrantly fanning the flames of economic havoc and war is so that the American people can finally see for themselves the EVIL that has been foisted upon us for so long that THE PEOPLE finally, FINALLY stand up and say “NO” – united as one and making a collective choice to choose a better reality.

    If that is his goal, then noone alive can miss what is going on, as it is all unmasked and IN OUR FACES and can NOT be denied any more!! Noone can look away and avoid it any more without serious consequences to their mental health.

    Maybe it take a reality TV star to finally make all of us redshirts in this bad movie before we change the channel?! That’s my hope!!!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I tend towards your second view of the situation! Let’s look at it this way: either scenario is possible, and the one that is probable will be the one that enough aware people get behind to move it into manifestation! Not just by altering our views of national and international politics, economics, etc., but by beginning, in action, to alter the known world — in our own hearts, our own households, our own neighborhoods, communities, regions, etc., always FROM THE CENTER OF THE SELF OUT, expressing love fully and formidably into the atmosphere. This love, this LOVE is the actual change agent.

      Far too many of us prefer to just remain on the sidelines, cynically viewing ourselves as above it all, smarter than, better than those who are naive enough to assume that if they can courageously, despite fear of ridicule or being “wrong,” push their own hesitant selves into action for the good of all, that this change of heart and mind moved into action will make a difference. Because it WILL make a difference. And for each of us, the test comes on our deathbed: how would we have preferred to live before we die?

  3. kieran ryan says:

    In the era of climate change you think the president is doing a good job ? The man who claims climate change was created by the Chinese to disable US industry , The man who put an oil lobbyist in charge of the EPA & an exxonmobile CEO as secretary of state & refuses point blank to do anything about climate change . So ok clearly you dont believe in climate change ..but even your astrology is troubling … think about it ,Trump came to power as Pluto was opposite USA sun ..think about last time pluto was conjunct USA sun , the 1920’s ..if you know USA political history you’ll know the KKK was at its political peak , a time of destroying Unions so that wall street speculation could go wild , also previous to trump Harding was considered the most corrupt president ever .also Asians & Arabs were banned (asian exclusion act) .. I’m surprised you have not looked at this or care about climate change …This is all about Pluto & if you study USA history you would know pluto has to do with an ugly shadow that always involves racism & power .

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I view the climate as always changing, and furthermore, assume that the entire solar system is going through whatever Earth is going through. Plus, we may be global cooling in the long run, rather than the opposite. We simply cannot know, since our predictive maps are inherently, inexorably, incomplete, given that there will always be an infinity of variables to consider. Re: Trump. Thanks for pointing out to me that Trump came into power when transit Pluto opposed the U.S. Sun. Why didn’t I notice that? Wild. I’ve been paying attention to the Pluto cycle mostly to see that it is now closing for the first time in U.S. history. Lots of Trump’s appointments trouble me, including one he just fired, Bolton. A “keep your enemies closer” strategy? I don’t know. I also wonder about his relationship to Israel. On and on. However, I still that he is the wrecking ball needed for this time, and his promise to “drain the swamp” (including the corruption of pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse) does appear to be ongoing. Furthermore, I do view him as a multidimensional thinker, way beyond most of us. However, his capitalist world-view limits his vision to the point where he simply does not grok the living Earth underneath his feet, which is why I keep saying the man should walk barefoot in the forest, on mushrooms, and with a dog. Several times. Many times.Do it until his mind descends through his bare feet into the ground. Let’s face it: we don’t try to “save” nature until we have learned to love her. Appreciate your views on U.S. history. Thanks!

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