11:11 THUMB UP!

Watch to very end, when Putin and Trump shake hands.

The 11.11 2018 date was first promoted as the day when the U.S. would hold a military parade. Then that was cancelled, or postponed, in favor of Trump going to Paris for this 100th celebration of the end of World War I. Then, Q started to promote 11.11 as when much would be resolved, and Putin and Trump would meet again.

P.S. When I googled “Trump and Putin talk in Paris” I got a bunch of contradictory notices. Methinks the two of them are trolling the world. AGAIN. Perhaps they don’t have to talk — in public, that is. They can just shake hands and smile. And  . . . Putin’s quick, decisive thumb up gesture was huge, blatant. YES!

Here’s a photo of Macron and Merkel with Trump, as Putin approached. Who looks happy?


I.e., NOT A GLOBALIST! This is the common ground upon which Putin and Trump stand: both appear determined to guarantee their own country’s national sovereignty.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Got the biggest kick out of this post. Thanks so much!

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