LOCAL NEWS, BLOOMINGTON INDIANA: Anti-War Film Event to Herald Veterans Day

Because I’m a print subscriber, I supposedly also get full access to the on-line edition of my local newspaper, the Herald-Times; and I’m also registered there. But I can’t seem to access it, and offices are closed on Saturday. Grrrr . . . .!

The reason it matters to me is because I came across an utterly remarkable opinion piece in today’s print edition that I want o highlight here, just in time for Veterans Day. I especially want to highlight it, because the author, Tim Bagwell, recognizes, most likely much more fully than I do, details of the unholy alliance between Indiana University, nearby Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center , and the businesses that mushroom up around it. I want to highlight this now because Tim is sponsoring a 12-hour free event on Monday, November 12, that I will make sure to attend at least a portion of. So grateful!

Here’s his full-page back page ad in the H-T this morning.

Since I couldn’t access his opinion piece online, I decided to just type out his post to the H-T here, below. And BTW: hats off to Bob Zaltsberg, the H-T Editor, for allowing this opinion piece to appear in the paper when it is quite critical of not only the paper but the Editor himself.

BTW: Back in the 1970s, when I was briefly married to my old high school boyfriend, then the Editor of the Twin Falls Times-News in Twin-Falls Idaho, I tried, unsuccessfully, to convince him to make a regular reporter’s beat of nearby, and very very secretive, — INEEL (Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory) which employs busloads of scientists and engineers from especially Idaho Falls and Pocatello, and which just happened to be the second largest employer in the entire state of Idaho (the first being state government). 

I’ve been onto the cancerous, and still metastisizing militarization of our entire economy, with media, academia and government all complicit, for a long long time.


H-T helping perpetuate a culture of killing

This guest column is by Tim Bagwell of Bloomington.

My name is Tim Bagwell, and I am the sole producer and funding source for the upcoming 12-hour event at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater entitled “Mickey Mouse in Vietnam: A Film-Based AntiWar Observance of Veterans Day.

It will be held Monday, Nov. 12 (the day of federal observance) and is free. I will spend thousands on this project. It is my gift to Bloomington. It is also my very personal and patriotic challenge to Bloomington.

Why a gift? Because it was in Bloomington that I was finally able to be properly diagnosed and properly treated for my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a battle wound from my combat experience as a Marine in the American war in Vietnam.

Why a challenge? Because — despite the liberal patina of being a research university “town” — you and I live with and accept too many illiberal influences that, I feel, should be abominable to a progressive community. Our behavior is not as liberal as we think; we have agreed tacitly, in a devil’s swap for nice salaries and nice homes, not to demand change.

In August, I invited Herald-Times editor Bob Zaltsberg to speak at my event because I wanted to hear him talk about why his — and our — newspaper does not cover the issue of Bloomington’s involvement with war-making. He declined.

Here are important areas the H-T refused to cover — what “Ike” Eisenhower called the “military-industrial complex” — and to which I have added academe:

  1. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division. Crane brings Bloomington lots of money, lots of educated people, and provides lots of jobs and careers, etc. But it is, in my opinion, a humanity-destroying death-loving cancer growing on Bloomington’s periphery.

2. Local and national commercial business and industry. Because of Crane, Central Indiana is chock full of what I believe to be blood-sucking businesses. (Look at West-Gate. These businesses are just below the surface of our awareness, but easily identifiable to those with a computer and progressive sentiments. We, Bloomington residents, choose to ignore them.

3. Indiana University Bloomington (and Purdue University). This is the third leg, unspoken of in the Eisenhower complex. Both IUB and Purdue are up to their proverbial eyeballs in helping Crane scientists make better and greater killing machines. I have filed a Freedom of Information request with IUB in hopes of uncovering and publicizing its most minimal level of involvement. I have not filed anything with Purdue yet, but I will.

The cog gumming up Bloomington’s ability to know details about this killing multiplex is the H-T’s editorial and reporting staff. The paper does absolutely nothing to cover these three issues in a substantive manner. Bob Zaltsberg — certainly a fine human being in his own estimation — and his reporters do nothing to provide journalistic coverage in these supremely critical areas. We deserve better. Shame on them.

Shame on us all for letting it continue.


Again, I am so grateful to Tim Bagwell, for bringing the U.S. military madness that has infected the entire world home, to Bloomington Indiana, this place, in this time, and how we are all complicit. For one perspective of what military madness always leads to, see this:

Written in History: The Death of America’s Hyperpower Fantasy


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