Split Decision Avoids Civil War?

At least that’s how it appears now. That the Democrats got the House gives them a bone to play with, and saves face. Otherwise, I sense the violence that might have erupted. Interesting that, after I came to this conclusion, I noticed that Jordan Sather and Mike Adams had come to the same one.

This morning I was on facebook, engaged in a rare dialogue with others who are definitely not red-pilled. Usually, I just lurk. My fb friends are mostly those I’ve had since before my metamorphosis, unlike those I follow on twitter, a more recent engagement for me. Those I follow there tend to be conservative, red-pilled — but some of them are mean-spirited! Whenever I do comment on twitter about this meanness that seems to infect it, I get lots of mean comments back, proving the point.

Just like what happened today on facebook. Now I usually know better than to engage in political discussion on facebook, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. We’ve all got to start speaking our truth, whatever it is, and do so with love in our hearts. And yet, I’ve noticed that usually, if others don’t agree (both on fb and in daily life), either they try to change the subject or — they get furious! That’s life now. Fury from all sides. Hard to believe! But not really, given the energetics of this very pregnant moment in time.

Here’s an earlier piece I wrote on feeling myself between the old and the new, fb and twitter.

Alt-Epistemology: HELP! Facebook “friends” utterly divergent from those I follow on twitter

So it’s really strange to see myself as still hung between these two social media worlds. and just so you can see the violence that appears to be in the hearts of some of my fb friends, I have pulled a screenshot from my final back-and-forth today; and this, from a local man who is known as a calm, dignified deep thinker (and yet surprisingly still reading the New York Times and the Washington Post).

As I said above, I’m glad the Dems got the House. If my experience today is any indication, then we narrowly missed something we all would have lived — or not! — to regret.

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  1. TurtleTurtle says:

    Wow! As it would seem, the rancor is everywhere. Today is the New Moon and that is generally a ‘red’ day in my book. Best time to keep quiet at home and not to engage others. I gave up FB long ago and barely function on twitter. I sometimes find people mad because I don’t even know how to follow them back! But that is not why I am there.
    Hubs drove me to the grocery earlier today and while our trip was quiet, one of the young men bagging our food was telling a story about how one customer yelled at him for not voting. When did that even become an acceptable topic for inquiry?? It would seem that all this screen interaction has opened up most people’s lives to such a degree that there is little privacy any more. Some days I feel very old indeed, remembering when privacy was paramount; when we were united to send men into space, there was a sense of respect for each other and reporters dug for the story. Times have changed. It is a culture war, this constant name calling, cursing, and derogatory insults are thrown about willy-nilly with no care or concern for their impact or for the tiny detail of the Truth. More and more, as the saying goes, I prefer my cat. There are dark revelations ahead, and even those who are stupified by the MSM will howl and shudder as they seek comfort from those they have trod over. Lucky for most of them, even battered, we will still have arms to comfort them and hearts emboldened with forgiveness. Why? Because we have already known for some time. Those who know do not sleep. We wait for the rest.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      What a wild time, eh? For me, the key is to learn to surf it and not either drown or avoid. And yes, thank goodness for our animals right now. Their undying love and equanimity is often what keeps me going.

  2. When says:

    Why is it so difficult for some to see what moves humanity forward and what doesn’t?

    Is it that they do not want to see, do not want to change; or can they really not accept that gay people are not a threat to those who are not gay? Tying to blur the lines between the genders though, is not freeing anyone from oppression.

    Giving away our jobs and opening our boarders for all who want to enter is madness. Destroying the environment, polluting the seed bank with genetic modification and dumping our trash in the ocean; more madness. Sending secret troops into the middle east countries to destabilize them, even more madness. What allows some to ‘see’ the obvious and others to mire up in the mud slinging?

    Most of the issues are not THAT complicated. Common since is all that is required. Its as if the water is filled with something that prevents logical thinking. Especially on the east and west coasts.

    I don’t stand with any group or on any side but my own and that of humanity in general. With a bit of additional thinking about how intended actions will affect the planet. Save the whales, save the rainforests, push for clean energy to replace the dirty ones. The obvious is not so difficult that we should be at odds with each other.

    So is it greed that got us here? Or is humanity being feed upon by something that benefits from energy expended by a waring species? Were we ever free? Have we ever made a decision of our own, or have we always been manipulated by unseen forces? The religions tell us we are subjected to forces that are beyond us; above us or below us, or simply unseen by us. What if that is more true that not?

    If all we can manage to do is to hate the players, how will be ever rise above the situation enough to look behind the curtain? Just in case there is something pulling our strings and making us dance to the specific vibrational tune required, not for our health, but for the benefit of the unseen and un imaginable that is said to be in control. Well, that is, if you believe any of the old religions.

    It does seem that something keeps humanity from ‘seeing’, finding a path that is good for us all. And instead, keeps us focused on a path that pits us against each other.

    Divide and conquer, seems to have been working well, for as long as we have recorded history. What will it take to bring us together? For surely that is our only hope as a species.

  3. Ella says:

    Divide and conquer has always been used because it is a reflection of a left-right axis. We have always had our attention focused there. To move forward, humanity must begin to see the up-down axis of power and control. That is also where the Rule of Law lives. That is why our Constitution is so Powerful and We the American people have more power in our little finger than anyone in the rest of the world. We are Sovereign. We are each a King or Queen. Not over others, but to act with compassion, understanding and due respect to everyone. The Rule of Law we know in our founding documents is an echo of Universal Law. When we really begin to see and understand that, we will be able to use the power of our consciousness [which has been used against us for eons] in unity to heal the world…and fast. America is the keystone for what happens here will guide the entire planet.

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