Noticed, on the day before the election: Brilliant Triple Meme

Saw this just now on the board from yesterday, #2417. Q posted it, by one of the anons. Love the “Now Playing 4, 5, 6”:  Sunday the 4th, Monday the 5th, TUESDAY, the 6th!


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5 Responses to Noticed, on the day before the election: Brilliant Triple Meme

  1. S Werb says:

    Certainly questioning the timing of the 55K+ indictments….why not make arrests before the elections? I know 11/11/2018 (=11) is a special date, but seems to be missing great opportunity to affect elections…..

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      The left considers Trump worse than Hitler. So to arrest people will trigger them totally. Better that he knows he has our backs when he does so.

  2. S Werb says:

    Seems to me the publication of evidence – total transparency – would be supported and appreciated by the majority…..tho maybe I am overestimating general level of mass consciousness. The far left and far right are much smaller percentages of the population than what the false-dilemma trap MSM would have everyone believe. We shall see this month if this is a mastermind game or hope porn. Trump is no GAIAN knight, as he seems to be out to increase the MI-C (perhaps for temporary support?) and destroy the environment (many unnecessary concessions and outright attacks to allow for exploitation of public lands – he didn’t have to strengthen EPA but also didn’t have to decimate protections and appoint corrupt industry insiders).

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, I didn’t mention the MIC, but that does seem to be of a piece with his corporatist mentality, and so included in it. What will it take for him to see through his own very strong cultural filter buttressed by his massively Martian personality? That’s why I keep saying that he needs to take some kind of plant medicine, and walk barefoot in the forest. I do think his heart is open, but his mind has been captured by the capitalist culture.

      • S Werb says:

        Agreed…..I have been toying with a Black Mirror script titled “Spikeadelics”….an underground movement with high intentions 😉

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