Astrological Energetics of Tomorrow’s Election Day

Ever since Trump was elected, I have toyed with the idea of doing an astrological presentation at our local public library on the energetics of Trump and the U.S.A. And while the idea still intrigues me, I live in Bloomington Indiana, an academic town rife with the easily triggered emotionality of “progressive” Democrats, and so I doubt this lecture could proceed without tomatoes being thrown at me! So I’ll get off my martyr’s stool before I even climb up on it.

Notice I didn’t say politics. I said energetics. And while I do tend to support Trump’s capacity to disrupt the status quo, and his aim to dismantle the globalist plot before it can finally take effect while cleansing our civilization of centuries of predatory sexual and pedophiliac corruption, sliding inexorably into trafficking, murder, bribery, blackmail, and so on and on; and while I admire his capacity to take whatever slings and arrows are thrown at him and somehow transform them into further fuel for his mission; while I appreciate what appears to be his courage and willingness to sacrifice his own comfort and that of his own family in the interest of the larger American family, and even the whole world; yes, while I applaud all that I continue to be utterly appalled at the underpinings of his and most people’s capitalist corporatist world-view that, without impunity, tramples, gauges, and poisons the Earth under our feet. That last caveat, for me, is so strong that it balances all the others; I just hope and pray that this colossus striding over planet Earth does manage to scour out the swamp denizens of the deep state, and that he will then turn to what really matters. The state, the condition — of matter, mater, our Mother, Earth.

Meanwhile, I decided to take a look at charts relating to tomorrow’s November 6 election. Beginning with when voting doors open, at 7:00 AM, EST, and going ahead 28 nail-biting hours until the next morning, at 11:03 AM, when the Moon finally reaches the Sun at 15°11 Scorpio, to shift from being an Old Moon taking care of old business (of the past month) to the New Moon, and a new day dawning.

In the space of those 28 hours, and on tomorrow’s very election day, at 1:59 PM EST, Uranus shifts backwards from 0°00 Taurus to 29°59 Aries, stirring up enormous impulsive fiery energies once again and backing up to 24°34 Aries before it turns to go forward on January 2 2019, and then hits the 0°00 Taurus degree again on May 16. From that day on Uranus will be in Taurus for seven years, not leaving that sign for Gemini at the end of April 2026.

When Uranus hit 0°00 Taurus this year, back in May, the Hawaiian volcano suddenly erupted, and has not stopped since. So we have had a taste of the earth changes possible with this planet of unpredictability and sudden changes in this most fixed, of earthy signs.

What does Uranus portend when it again begins to move through Taurus, and this time for seven whole years?

And what will Uranus shifting back into fiery Aries portend through next May? Riots? Open warfare? Or conscious courageous action by individuals.

But that’s not all. Also, tomorrow, on that very same day of the election, the lunar nodes also change signs, like Uranus, slipping backward, but from Leo/Aquarius into Cancer/Capricorn, to remain there until May 2020. Leo North Node has featured the grand imperious leader who opposes and illuminates the fractious Aquarian masses; the Cancer North Node will feature the need for warm family and community solidarity in the face of South Node’s cold, bureaucratic governmental control.

And again, that’s not all. The 29th degree of any sign is the most karmic degree of that sign, where the lessons of that sign MUST be learned. And so are we surprised that normally generous Jupiter, in the election chart, sits at 29°48 Scorpio, sign of massive hidden power, whether used for good or ill. Jupiter stays in one sign for only one year, and what a year it has been! It moves out of Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius, philosophical sign of higher perspectives, on November 9th, only three days past the election.

Interestingly enough, the progressed chart for Donald J. Trump shows his progressed Venus moving over his natal Jupiter in Libra. No wonder he draws such crowds. No wonder they love him, and feel they are personally connected to him! And he to them! This truly is his time to shine, now and through next year, via this beautiful forming Venus/Jupiter contact. Furthermore, two other progressed planets dovetail with his enormous mission: first, his progressed Saturn is at 2° Leo, conjunct his progressed MC, which moved into Leo from Cancer in October 2017 — dovetailing with the ignition of the Qanon phenomenon. That’s when he and his administration truly took the reins, by making an end run around the “fake news” media that has now grown from a moment to a movement. Secondly, his progressed Jupiter has been flirting with the progressed Ascendant in Libra for several years now, and will go for several more. His appeal is humongous, for all those inclined to see him as a generous large-hearted being who loves people. And finally, ever since the final part of the run-up to the 2016 election, his progressed Sun has been in Virgo, where it will remain for 30 years. His days of just enjoying himself as a natal huge Mars in Leo on the natal 29° Leo Ascendant ego are over; he must buckle down now, and work. Hard. Pay attention to details. Sometimes even behind the scenes, rather than always out in front, touting his own horn. That, for such a lion, feels more natural; but this, this nitty gritty hard work, is what he was born for. He was born to serve the American people. And he knows it.

Given these indications, as well as his original strong connection with the U.S.A. chart, it’s hard for me to see how he could lose standing in tomorrow’s election results. However: the chart for the beginning of the voting day is, wouldn’t you know, anything but predictable! Not surprising that various prognosticators all seem to be hedging their bets.

The voting begins just after the sun rises, at 14°00 Scorpio. Note the position of the Moon, a waning old Moon, at 29° Libra. There’s that karmic 29th degree again! Of course, within an hour or so, the Moon will then shift into Scorpio, and be on its way towards the Sun, which it shall meet up with not until the next day, for the New Moon, and new beginning, at 11:03 AM November 7th. I wouldn’t be surprised if the results don’t solidify, or maybe the public’s reaction to the results doesn’t solidify until then, at least 28 hours later. The shock will be profound, however the results go, because unpredictable Uranus,  (moving from Taurus to Aries) will oppose both the Moon and Venus at 27° Libra, at the moment voting begins.

Furthermore, those nodes, which remember, are slipping from Leo/Aquarius into Cancer/Capricorn, square both ends of the opposition between Venus/Moon and Uranus. The entire world will seem to be hung on this cross,  in the balance between the old (south node) and the new (north node), and perhaps, for awhile there, nothing will make sense. Certainly, nothing will make normal sense; no logical analysis will be able to predict what actually happens tomorrow, and this, of course, drives people crazy. Almost as crazy as they feel today when they contemplate “their party” either winning or losing, both the house, and the senate. For both sides, the situation feels critical, horrifying, glorious, one or the other, depending on “which side” one is on and which side “wins.”

I’m not on a side politically; instead, I’m attempting to assess the energetics of the election day, and boy it IS crazy, out of control, nothing anybody expected, whatever it turns out to be. And because of the change of signs of the nodes and Uranus, because of the 29th degree focus of Jupiter, the nodes and Uranus — and the Moon remember, also at 29°, of Libra, for a few hours right when voting begins! — and because of the nodal configuration into the grand cross with Uranus, Venus and the Moon — with all five of them changing signs! — the situation feels extraordinarily karmic and volatile, both: weighed down by the past, and yet fractured into a million pieces. Nothing is as it seems. Neptune, in the election inception chart, trines the Sun and Ascendant, almost exactly. The atmosphere thus, is not only charged (Uranus) but strangely unifying (Neptune) as well. We all feel the extraordinary fracturing energy that strangely connects us — to one another (Where We Go One We Go All! WWG1WGA!) — and to the entire mysterious Neptunian (divine? spiritual?) drama being played out on the world’s stage! Yes indeed, the drama seems so gargantuan as to be the actual hinge on which the fate of our entire civilization depends, a fate that weighs on our collective shoulders. And upon those shoulders, perhaps then, Trump will stand, sturdy as a monumental rock and determined to follow through with his humungous mission to dissolve the globalist plan, so long in the making, following all those magnificent Jupiterian love fests he’s enjoyed in the past few weeks, his thousands upon thousands of smitten fans all in red, with MAGA hats and Q T-shirts.

Yes, I do think Trump will “win,” — and decisively, though it might be at least 28 hours before that result begins to sink in. Indeed be very surprised if he does not win! If not, I might be tempted to give up astrology.

Oh, one more thing. The Sabian Symbols for 15° Scorpio on the day the votes are cast, and for 16° Scorpio at the New Moon the next day:



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4 Responses to Astrological Energetics of Tomorrow’s Election Day

  1. James Freeman says:

    Saw this yesterday, an astrological profile of “Q” whoever it/they are, based on a birth time/date of the first Q post. Interesting choice of timing. I suspect someone knew exactly what they were doing when they scheduled that…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      This reading is phenomenal. Thanks so much for pointing it out. I will do a post on it with the astro chart, soon. YES!

  2. Anthony says:

    Darn, James beat me to it. I just read Laura Walker’s daily report and came to leave that link.

    I hope that it’s true, that “Q” isn’t just another psy-op, but I will continue to stay open to all possibilities. Maybe I’m just a crusty curmudgeon, an “oddball” as you say, but I still want to see actual CHANGE and not mere words before I believe it!!

    OK I’ll get off your lawn now, and I’ll try not to scatter the wood chips!!

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