Mid-Term Jitters: Final observation

More and more people are saying that this is the most important election in memory. I would agree. And if, as seems likely, the Republicans take the House, then I am concerned the Democrats will follow the uncivil advice of Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton, and turn to violence, as all they have left.

Alternatively, if the Democrats take the House, then we’re in for, at best, continued stalemate, with Trump doing end-runs around the political process to get some of what he wants, or impeachment.

And of course, no matter which way the election turns, Trump  will be even more subject to threats of assasination.

Let’s face it: Either way, it doesn’t look good for the collective psyche of this country — already so intensely polarized into two parties, and fractured into smaller and smaller, “politically correct” “identity” niches — as to be rendered utterly unmanageable.

As much as I espouse the values of sharing and caring, the very values that have been sadly missing in our culture ever since the founding fathers stole this land from its native peoples, I agree with the conclusions of the author of this essay. Coerced “unity” can only be accomplished with centralized control. We need to decentralize — regionally, state, town, neighborhood, on down to the point where each person is truly sovereign, responsible for him or herself, and associating with others out of personal generosity, on a  voluntary basis.

If the Disunited States of America is to Survive . . .


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