IN MY 76TH YEAR ON EARTH: Feet on Ground, Head in Clouds, Heart wide open, coursing Love

Yesterday. Mixing soil, according to the Eliot Coleman recipe, for starting seeds for the Garden Towers, a winter experiment.


I can’t help but get my hands dirty with whatever project I touch. Always, I aim to be thoroughly here, present, centered, grounded.

Simultaneously, I cannot help but think in layers. While focusing here, occupying this ground, with these people, in Green Acres Permaculture Village, as one possible template for how to transfigure our lives here on earth, my curiosity, indeed my drive to understand, ranges far and wide, and is especially focused on the how and why of our present cultural condition, wherein we only appreciate the first half of any cycle, that of growth to maturity, and then not just neglect the second half of any cycle, but positively try to ignore it, and/or convert it too, to continuous growth.

Thus, my work with the second, or descending, half of life: Crone Chronicles and Crones Counsel.

Thus my writing and consulting as an astrologer, a symbolic language thoroughly grounded and centered within the multiplicity of planetary cycles that mirror and interpenetrate life on Earth.

Is our failure to appreciate the second half of any cycle, by and large, the “fault” of  our “economic system,” CAPITALISM, which, by definition, must continuously grow or die? Or is capitalism itself a reflection of just how far we have traveled from our original connection with our Mother Earth, and her cosmic awareness that forms are continuously arising from and falling back into the ground of being. Also, how much does our collective ignorance, our mind-controlled refusal to take seriously the larger picture of life on Earth in a cosmic context, figure into the craziness we are suffering right now as we push up against the limits of the dog-eat-dog capitalist interpretation of reality?

In this vein, here are three offerings worth pondering.

De-Growth in the Suburbs


Suburban catastrophists like James Kunstler in the US argue that fossil fuel depletion will imminently render the suburban landscape an inhospitable wasteland. Such curdled imaginations fail to recognise suburbia’s latent capacity to become something new.

Inspired by research and advocacy from the likes of Ivan IllichDavid Holmgren, and Ted Trainer, we see the suburbs as an ideal place to begin retrofitting our cities according to a new vision of prosperity. 

But what form will the transformation take? And who or what will drive it?


How Circular is the Circular Economy?


A more responsible use of resources is of course an excellent idea. But to achieve that, recycling and re-use alone aren’t enough. Since 71% of all resources cannot be recycled or re-used (44% of which are energy sources and 27% of which are added to existing stocks), you can only really get better numbers by reducing total use.

A circular economy would therefore demand that we use less fossil fuels (which isn’t the same as using more renewable energy), and that we accumulate less raw materials in commodities. Most importantly, we need to make less stuff: fewer cars, fewer microchips, fewer buildings. This would result in a double profit: we would need less resources, while the supply of discarded materials available for re-use and recycling would keep growing for many years to come.

It seems unlikely that the proponents of the circular economy would accept these additional conditions. The concept of the circular economy is intended to align sustainability with economic growth – in other words, more cars, more microchips, more buildings. For example, the European Union states that the circular economy will “foster sustainable economic growth”.

Even the limited goals of the circular economy – total recycling of a fraction of resources – demands an extra condition that proponents probably won’t agree with: that everything is once again made with wood and simple metals, without using synthetic materials, semi-conductors, lithium-ion batteries or composite materials.


The final offering is from my UFO Buddy Joan Bird, a long and valuable compilation to her UFO email list. Dig in if you dare!

The Three Faces of Disclosure

Joan: This post bounced back from the majority of emails I sent it to. I’m now going to delete all the links, because that is generally what triggers spam detectors, and just encourage you to go find those websites on your own.
UFO List – To help people sort it out, particularly for people just beginning to pay attention, I’m bundling the many streams of disclosure information into three faces:
1. “OFFICIAL” DISCLOSURE – The official, presumably government-released and allowed disclosure happening in mainstream media.
2. CONTACTEE DISCLOSURE – Information coming directly from those who have had conscious contact with extraterrestrials.
3. SECRET SPACE PROGRAM DISCLOSURE – Information coming from the growing number of secret space program witnesses, not showing up in the mainstream media. 
Began with the front page article in the NY Times, Dec. 17th, 2017 revealing the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) funded 2007-2012 in the Pentagon. The military lens would be to see the phenomenon as a potential threat, because that’s what the military is supposed to do, protect us from potential threats.
Search: New York Times 2017/12/16  Glowing auras and black money
Story picked up by Washington Post, BBC and other mainstream media, though little coverage in local media. Disappointing.
The recently retired director of the AATIP program, Luis Elizondo, admitted that AATIP was a UFO research program, that the evidence suggested we were not alone, and that the program continued after 2012 with other military funding streams. Good 6 min. interview of Elizondo by Tucker Carlson, who says it could the most important story of his lifetime.
Search: Tucker Carlson and Luis Elizondo
Interwoven with “Official” Disclosure is the “To the Stars Academy,” assembled by rock star Tom Delonge (Blink182) who deserves credit for precipitating this official disclosure. He has assembled a cadre of recently retired heavies from military, intelligence, aerospace industry and a few academic scientists for his board (bios on the website.) Some of them, along with Luis Elizondo, are also getting (a few) interviews with mainstream media. Much of the mainstream media coverage can be found on the “To the Stars Academy” website, by scrolling towards the bottom. The website has a 4.5 min intro video at the top and a 40 min. video farther down officially announcing the launch of the TTS Academy in October, 2017. There are several declassified videos from AATIP on the website showing UFOs as viewed by military pilots. Also extensive lists of TTS Academy’s research priorities on subjects and technologies that the secret space program witnesses say we already have. Nevertheless, an informative site, and a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH which an informed public should know about.
Search: “To the Stars Academy” 
Canadian researcher Grant Cameron has insights into this official disclosure due to his many years studying presidential and government knowledge of UFOs. He believes it could not happen without a “green light” from the President. Others doubt.
Shortly before his death, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell and others formed the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Experience (FREE) for surveying contactees about their conscious (not under hypnotherapy) contact with extraterrestrials. Many different types of ETs are reported. The results of their research are eye-opening, recently published as a book (2018):
 – 85% say their experiences have been positive.
 – 84% say they do not want them to stop.
Highly recommended 3-minute video summary of the results under the book title on their website which can be found at experiencer (dot) org.
There are a number of therapists and researchers who have been working with contactees and writing books about their experiences for years, including Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, hypnotherapist Budd Hopkins, therapists Barbara Lamb and Yvonne Smith, historian and hypnotherapist David Jacobs, and Mary Rodwell of Australia. Noted Ufologist Wendelle Stevens gathered books written by contactees (aka “experiencers”) about their encounters. The literature is extensive and fascinating, if you can move through our societal programming that this isn’t real.

In the last several years, “experiencer” Rebecca Hardcastle Wright has created a website titled and now a “Foundation of Exoconsciousness” to foster a community of what she calls “the exoconscious,” providing structure, resources and support for ET experiencers, and the potential of sharing more widely the information coming through the experiencers. She has just published a new book,

How Exoconscious Humans Guide our Space-Faring Future

Rebecca has been a vocal proponent of the importance of listening to the contactees if we truly want to understand the UFO/ET phenomenon. If we only listen to the military/intelligence/academic sources, we may not see the many potential benefits of contact. This is beautifully dramatized in the movie “Arrival,” highly recommended for those who haven’t seen it.
Ben Rich, director of Lockheed “skunk works” famously said at a 1993 UCLA alumni lecture, “We have the technology to take ET home.” He also said: “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity…. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” That was 25 years ago.
Jan Harzan, who attended Ben Rich’s speech, is currently president of MUFON, Mutual UFO Network, the largest citizen’s UFO research group in the world. The theme of the 2017 Conference was “The Case for a Secret Space Program” with presentations by many of the witnesses. The Proceedings Document and DVDs of the presentations are available on their website. At the 2018 Conference in July, Luis Elizondo (See “Official” Disclosure above) was the keynote and received “Researcher of the Year” award. To his credit, Elizondo said there were others in the room more deserving, and commended UFO researchers and believers for persevering in the face of social ostracism and ridicule, adding, “You were right.” Elizondo’s keynote DVD can be purchased at the MUFON website.
In the last 4 years, a number of witnesses have come forward saying they were part of a secret space program with the kinds of technologies Ben Rich alluded to. Their claims include testimony that we already have bases on the moon, on Mars, throughout our solar system and beyond, and that we have “mind-wipe” (remember Men in Black?) and time travel technology. The witnesses and their testimony are controversial in the UFO Community, though there are a lot of matching puzzle pieces among them, and one of the primary interviewers of these witnesses, David Wilcock, says that they are verifying what he has been hearing for years from anonymous insiders. Much of the information came out in the Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaia TV (180 episodes beginning July 2015) though many of those episodes and other interviews can be found on YouTube. Also, UFO Researcher Michael Salla has interviewed many of the witnesses and written recent books on the secret space program. There are a large number of critics of these witnesses in the UFO and skeptic communities. Overall, I find the witnesses credible and their accounts cohesive, if mind boggling.
Secret Space Program witnesses include Corey Goode, Bill Tompkins, Emery Smith, Pete Peterson, John DeSouza, David Adair, Tony Rodrigues, Niara Iseley, Jason Rice, and Laura Eisenhower (Great-grandaughter of Pres. Eisenhower, whose farewell warning of power abuse by the military industrial complex takes on new meaning.)
For a recent summary/overview of the secret space program, you can view David Wilcock’s talk at “Contact in the Desert” in April, or look for videos online from the August, 2018 “Dimensions of Disclosure” conference in Loveland, CO.
The secret space program witnesses say that we have technologies which could solve many of the problems facing humanity at this time, including making fossil fuels obsolete. Corey Goode in particular says his ET contacts have told him that the extreme secrecy around this topic has hijacked the spiritual evolution of humans on planet earth, created much needless suffering, and needs to end. The witnesses and the people who believe them stress the importance of Full Disclosure, as opposed to the “slow drip” of official disclosure. Two citizens’ groups are forwarding that agenda, including Full Disclosure Project and Disclosure Fest. They are holding a meditation and educational event all day on November 11 (11/11) in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, and inviting others to join them or participate from home.
Above Majestic (movie)
A brand new documentary, just released 10/30, provides a good history of the secret space program as revealed by multiple witnesses, the extensive presence historically and currently of ETs on earth, and why it’s important to end the secrecy. It’s called “Above Majestic,” and can be purchased for download on iTunes or Amazon Prime. The movie is disturbing, but an important alternative narrative for people to at least be aware of. If the 55,000 + secret indictments reported in the movie and online by insiders are in fact going to come to light, many people will need some context and back story that can be found in this film.
If what they say is true, and I am tending that way, these secret space program witnesses are incredibly courageous to come out. Some have experienced assassination attempts, harassment and vitriolic attacks. There have always been individuals within the government who felt the UFO and ET information should not be kept secret. And some have died because of it. It appears that same struggle is going on now, some who want to see it come out, and some who don’t.
Will end with a favorite Mark Twain quote:
How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and [how] hard it is to undo that work again!
 Many are working on it. Disclosure is happening. Feel free to share this post.


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