Green Acres Village, late Oct – early Nov 2018: Inside Fun; Outside Work (which is fun, too), part I: INSIDE FUN

I have so many photos from recent events around here that it’s hard to know where to start. So I’ll just start with the latest Community Dinner.

Oops! First, I’ll post a few pics from the Community Dinner of the week before, which evolved into an outdoor Harvest Moon ceremony and fire, and from there into an impromptu concert performance by extraordinary soprano Daisy and pianist Andreas: beautiful German lieder which left those of us who had managed to troupe back into a house after the outside Full Moon ceremony utterly entranced.

Harvest Moon Community Dinner, October 25

That meal, more varied and scrumptious than even the usual, fed 19 people, with leftovers. Nobody remembered to take pictures, except I did get this one of neighbor Devon in his GANA (Green Acres Neighborhood Association) t-shirt. YES!




After the concert, Rebecca asked Daisy when she realized she wanted to be a singer. Daisy paused, and then said, slowly and with great feeling (I paraphrase): “I had a difficult childhood. But I could sing! Singing became my survival. As long as I could sing, I would be okay. Singing was all I had.”

Halloween Community Dinner

I had been told to wear a costume, that everybody would be in costume! So I decided to wear my Baby Picture t-shirt, with a colorful little eye mask. I would come as my “original self.”  (


It turned out that I was literally the only one in costume (even though mine wasn’t really a costume either). Oh well! The evening was great fun, with clumps of people intimately talking to the background of I think it was a Dracula movie on the big screen. Then somebody brought out a pack of cards, and the main table went into a game of Uno . . .



Which evolved (devolved?) into a serious game of Uno . . .

which then segued into a Tarot readings and and I Ching reading session. What? I thought those were to be for next week’s dinner. Oh well! I did take a picture of the three Tarot readers before my original self gave into exhaustion and toddled on home.

Gabrielle, Alex, and Mariella


Oh, and before that, Asiri had brought out a “slime ball” that she had made with glue and I don’t even want to know what else. It did look like a big messy poop, for which she is grateful. 

The night before (the real Halloween), I only got three kids at the door here. The first was, I thought, Asiri, in of course, camouflage. I greeted her effusively, and asked where her brother Juakim was. “Oh he’s home, he’ll be coming. Grandma told me I could go out by my self.” Huh? I didn’t know their grandmother was visiting.

Then, 20 minutes later, “Asiri” brought that younger brother, laboriously shuffling up the steps inside an enormous inflated dinosauer outfit. Juakim! I greeted him, eagerly. “Here, let me see your face.”

What? It’s not Juakim!

I asked “Asiri” to take off her mask.

“What?” It’s not Asiri!

Both children looked very much like Asiri and Juakim, similar body types and facial features. But: they were the two kids (wish I could remember their names!) who live on the corner of this street. They had walked by a few days earlier with their mother Carly, and I had admonished them to make sure they come to this house for trick or treat! Okay! They did! And no, Asiri and Juakim’s grandmother is not visiting.

Asiri and Juakim above. See the resemblance? Uncanny. We’ll have to get the four of them together.


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2 Responses to Green Acres Village, late Oct – early Nov 2018: Inside Fun; Outside Work (which is fun, too), part I: INSIDE FUN

  1. Kristin says:

    Ann, the pictures tell the story of a “family” dinner – and I love it. Thanks for sharing and for co-creating such a wonderful community!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Hey Kris! Yes, it isn’t lost on me that I’m recreating my nuclear family, complete with all the divergent personalities, and the love!

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