Who were(are) the witches?

As a way of capping off this year’s Halloween season, I have just just begun to read this long, fascinating summary essay by Laura Knight-Jaczyk, the founder of sott.net, and yet, already, I am reminded of my time in Siberia last summer, and especially of the day, on the shores of Lake Baikal, when we were introduced to shamanism via the ceremony of shy, colorless bank clerk who transformed, as soon as he donned his strange garments, into an elemental being so powerful, and so powerfully foreign to my experience that it took my breath away.

Laura Knight-Jaczyk: “My work is all about following the lines of Pagan/shamanistic ideas and teachings back to the Ice Ages – the cave painters, the Northern European origins – to find the most original, fundamental, common foundation of all of them.”

Shaman’s ceremony, Lake Baikal

Witches, Comets, and Planetary Cataclysms (2010)

P.S. I’ve now finished reading it. Fascinating, worth the read, and ultimately, discouraging, if one wants to hold on to a humane view of the human race when under great pressure and stress. At least that seems to have been true then, in the past. But this is NOW.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    I must have missed this post, but I’m glad you enjoyed Laura’s essay. Some of what she discusses is in the book you have. And as an aside, the very book that launched her career is that first book that I sent you 🙂

    I’ve noticed you have several posts on UFO’s lately. Well, I found Laura while doing my own personal search to find answers to that “question of questions” as her own journey has led her to very seriously seek those answers, and ultimately it led her to channel the Cassiopeans (sp?).

    She is one of the three main channels of the early 90’s who disseminated much of the same information on the questions of what reality is via channeled sources, and what UFO’s are, along with Barbara Marciniak (“Bringers of the Dawn”) and Carla Rueckert (“The Law of One” – Ra material).

    If you are interested, I can turn you on to more reading in that field that you may find VERY interesting. I’ve been studying that field for the last 40 years, trying to make sense of the things that happened to me (and the author that got me started was Robert Monroe – his “Journeys out of the body” book series).

    It really is *the* “topic of topics”…

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