WHAT IF? Is UFO contact merely one (small) manifestation of Consciousness?

Countdown to Election Tuesday, three days away . . . So! Rather than obsessing on what violent calamity or dizzy celebration happens after the votes are counted, let us continue to expand our world-view, and notice just what a teensy tiny blip this or any political occasion makes inside the infinities unfolding and unrolling in, around, and through us. Let’s face it, folks, we are multidimensional beings! And this election is, ahem, strictly 3D. BORING!

My friend and fellow paranormal experiencer Julie has just sent me a link to the new book  by Edgar Mitchell and others, including Harvard astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schilds.  The first chapter is free. I’m tempted to buy the whole thing, all 820 pages of it, even though it’s “scientific” in nature, and so also, to me, boring. Or most likely boring! Unless, of course, scientists manage to expand their own thinking to include multidimensionality, which I know many of them are doing, and most likely they include some, or even all, of the contributors to this book.

Below, note the “raw data” on which the book is based. All the rest is interpretation. And actually, you could say that even “data” is interpretation, since the way we ask our questions itself channels our answers in only certain directions. There’s no such thing as assumption-free science, and therefore, to me, no real point in trying to prove anything, since assumptions themselves cannot be proved; instead, they are what we “stand on,” what our “under-standing” is based upon. Proofs, ultimately, are forms, floating in the void, just like everything else, including ourselves! Except not, of course. We are the ones who create meaning as we go, by noticing and processing our experiences through time. This noticing and processing centers and grounds us in a way that no scientific theory about the nature of anything can ever do. For it’s based on what we, ourselves, have gone through, have suffered, have figured out, have discovered, simply through the process of consciously living our lives.

I imagine the “contactees” featured in this immense, most likely paradigm-shifting book know what they know because they have experienced whatever it is they have to tell us. And though old Newtonian science might not be able to comprehend or even acknowledge their experiences, we who have also gone through similar “paradigm shifting” events in our own lives can nod our heads in hearty agreement. So hats’ off to this book, and the rigor and thoroughness that it required from its authors. Hopefully, even those who consider such phenomena as channeling, OBE’s, telepathy, psychedelic journeys, dreams, intuition, etc. “pseudo-scientific” might be persuaded to reconsider. For if they are right, if it’s all consciousness, if all phenomena, including UFO, can be included in an unutterably vast and mysterious rubric that normal science has so far tried to either ignore or to reduce to the brain, then we have indeed entered a new way of seeing, believing, and being.

Initial Research Data Summary

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