Bombard’s Body Language: Obama more “animated” — but how, and why?

I always enjoy Bombard Body Language. This one, however, it seems to me, also begs for an analysis of tone and rhythm of voice and the very language Obama uses (almost honky tonk? or is that the word — something more “down home,” like “jivin’ with his bros” or some such). Then there are the strange facial contortions, and especially, the lost, haunted look in his eyes which indeed, as Bombard points out, feels “desperate.” So it’s not just his shoulders and head and their relative positions, and not just the fact that yes, he is more “animated” than when he was acting out the serene, dignified, above-the-fray president, but the kind of animation here, is important. I do get the sense that we are beginning to witness the “real” Obama, if he exists, underneath the lifelong posing. And what’s surfacing is not pretty.

I’d say he’s feeling the heat. Not just for the Democrats, but for himself, as subject of one of those supposed 55,000 sealed indictments.

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5 Responses to Bombard’s Body Language: Obama more “animated” — but how, and why?

  1. Dawn says:

    I had seen this too. What struck me is he looks I’ll. Almost jaundiced. But also totally agree with all other comments. Pretty revealing

  2. rose day says:

    Yes, there appears to be a sort of sad desperation presently in play with Obama however one never really knows with those who have perfected the art of the continual ‘sell’.

    That said, it has been my observation that the office of the Presidency does a number on the majority because in general, a great many appear to end their terms with a few more years of wear and tear than actual years in term.

    The scenario has enabled a modicum of personal compassion for even those whom I cannot support politically because the amount of negative energy that travels their way on a daily basis must surely pierce the ego-maniacal armor now and then.

    It will truly be grand when mankind finally acknowledges the divinity in all and the need to be ‘governed’ will have run its course. (It would be even more grand should
    such occur within my lifetime . . . one can dream!)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      On the other hand, Trump seems to be able to utilize negative energy as fuel! And of all presidents, he’s probably received 1000 times more negativity than anyone else! Remarkable.

      • rose day says:

        You are so right . . . Donald Trump appears to have totally mastered the art of ‘Shielding’ whereby one images a tight protective shield surrounding personal aura . . . a spin of sort upon the admonition to ‘put up your shield’.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          I’m not sure he shields the negative energy; instead, he might be converting, transforming energy, both positive and negative, into fuel. On the other hand, if he’s NOT shielding himself, then who is? Hard to believe the Secret Service, or whatever security services he uses, can make sure he’s okay in front of massive crowds, day after day after day. Possibly “divine” protection, meaning some kind of multidimensional bubble he’s moving within?

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