Just the headline says it all . . .

If the Migrant Caravan is an “Invasion” What’s the Term for What the US is Doing in Syria, Iraq, etc.?

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  1. TurtleTurtle says:

    This is a disappointment. This issue is so much more complex that just ‘it’s the fault of the US”. It has been perpetuated by the Socialist aspect of the Democratic party, and before that has been implemented over the last 100 years in a steady Globalist Agenda where much of Africa and South America (like the US) have been quietly invaded by the Chinese, aided and abetted by different Fascist aspirations. More specifically to the title of the article, it is misleading as most of these are. To be sure, troops at various times have been sent into the middle east, etc. However, it is important to understand that the men and women in leadership positions have had different political and ideological differences from the Commander in Cheif. What we do not hear about are the military generals, the Navy admirals that refuse to follow orders and many who have been through a court marshall in the last two years. In addition, it has been rouge elements of the members of our government that have created privateers, or pirates, and dress them to look like US soldiers. It is not a reasonable argument, imho, to place this all at the feet of the US citizens, who, in nearly every case have not supported, nor encouraged, nor wanted to be at war with anyone. What mother would want to send her child to war? This is all smoke and mirrors and the sad fact is that there are many, many who have betrayed their countrymen and women for power and money. There are those that definately wear black hats; and some a white. There is a LOT more grey as people have made compromises to do more than just survive, but to prosper and succeed in some way in this dysfunctional world. In the end, it is all soul learning. But knowing what I now know, I do not believe anything from the media, much less anything blaming you or I or any of my neighbors for this confoundment. Our government has been working in opposites. What they say means nothing, because they will do the opposite. This grand experiment, for before the time of my birth has been to crush America and all She stands for, breaking the backs of the people who love being free. I highly suggest that everyone see the movie, Death of a Nation to get an idea of how it really works. Seeing the entire game, allows one to step out of it. As to the caravan, I have solid intel that there were fancy buses that pulled up and offered rides and jobs and food to anyone who wanted to go to America. But if it really is just people without jobs, or those in need of asylum, why not take Mexico up on their offer? And what about the IED’s in some of those backpacks?? Or the gunfire as they shoot Mexican police? No one report the real news, or asks the questions to investigate anymore because the word ‘journalist’ has been redefined to mean ‘intelligence operative’. You must seek the truth yourself.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thank you so much for this intense, insightful commentary on the complexity of all that is going on around us without our knowing or condoning it. Very much appreciate your deep and expanded point of view.

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