THIS is what globalism looks like: UN trumps U.S. national sovereignty?

If true, then this Puppet String News (Breitbart) announcement just upped the ante tremendously in the ongoing war between the Trump administration and the long-planned 2030 UN operation to destabilize, and ultimately dissolve, nation states by opening borders, creating chaos, and then clamping down into a single centralized “new world order” global government whose laws and edicts supercede all others.

Remember, however, that those nations from which refugees are fleeing have themselves been destabilized, and rendered utterly impoverished and debt-ridden, in large part by the U.S. military industrial corporatocracy throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, both in the Mideast and northern Africa, and in Central and South America. See Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine. Predatory capitalism creates blowback, otherwise referred to as “externalities,” “collateral damage.”

UN declares war on America, orders Trump must allow caravan into the United States


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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, thank you for sharing this information. The subject matter is so heart-rending that many ultimately decide to ‘look away’ from the horror of this tragedy especially as it relates to the trafficking of very young children.

    My initial response in researching the issue was , “Where is law enforcement?” and to this day the question remains valid because my guess is that when most people are made aware of human trafficking, many automatically assume that law enforcement will handle the matter.

    This does not appear to be the case and the chain of involvement appears long and incredibly convoluted. Many in law enforcement have indicated ‘off the record’ that investigations go only so far before intervention at higher levels ultimately hampers the process.

    A secondary question inevitably arises as to the role that mainstream media plays in the process. Why is that most of the information is gathered by citizen journalists and shared with the general public via alternative news sites many of which are now under fire from both social and mainstream media?

    The entire scenario really makes one wonder and purportedly the ‘business’ of human trafficking now generates billions, surpassing money to be made in the illicit trade of drugs and weapons. There is absolutely no doubt that Donald Trump has set up a tall order in his decision to focus on human trafficking especially as the subject relates to the trafficking of very young and helpless children.

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    (*Test post* to see if I can post from home again…)

    Great post, and completely backed up by this article that has some very interesting background information re: what the US has done to Honduras, leading to this crisis:

    Lots to chew on there. I’ll leave it at that as the author makes some very salient points that I could not make any better.

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