Detailed expose of nuts and bolts of mass trafficking of kids (2007)

I don’t know if it can get any more Halloween ghoulish than a report on the mass sex trafficking of kids. It’s vital that we not turn away from fully recognizing what Trump is up against in his audacious decision to drain the swamp, which includes especially, the child sex, sacrifice, and trafficking swamp. And, BTW, I have now come across two investigators, one a journalist (Liz Crokin) and the other a New York detective,

both of whom insist that they never heard a word about Trump being a pedophile. So please put that rumor to bed.

I’m surprised that I’ve only now stumbled across this long long 2007 piece, by Sue Arrigo, a former “presidential level” MK Ultra sex slave and remote viewer. So far, I’ve only read Part I, eyes glued to the page.

Two facts, just now gleaned:

1) The average lifetime of a trafficked child sex slave is two years.

2) War zones offer an extraordinary opportunity for extremely lucrative mass trafficking of orphans. Along with selling arms to both sides, it’s a major part of the profit stream. In Bosnia, the CIA began to set up an “orphanage” two full years ahead of when they then started the Bosnian War. At its peak, 12,000 children were housed in its Auschwitz-like dorms, like cattle, on their way to ships, a dozen to hundreds at a time. On the ships, they were crowded naked and drugged in shipping containers with holes in their bottoms. The smell of feces and urine upon arrival, was overwhelming.

This piece is especially good, and reminds me of coreysdigs, in that the author gives tips to citizen investigators as to how to identify child trafficking. For example, if more than three children are taken “for adoption” from an orphanage at a time, they are probably being trafficked.

Read it if you dare.

Secrets of the CIA Global Sex Slave Industry



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  1. Alex Simack says:

    Thanks Ann for relaying this stuff. Most won’t have yet the sobriety yet to be able to handle this. I barely have the sobriety myself. This kind of stuff is so awakening. I always used to sit by a wood fire, either outside or inside, in deep contemplation. Raining too much today for an outside fire, and I no longer have an inside wood stove.

    Presently I have just started another round of 12-step work, picking up where I left off some 20 plus years ago when I moved to the country living of southern Indiana. Much greater opportunity for this work in the city now! It gives me the intensity and sobriety to match my awareness of these kinds of news stories you link to, as well as the fellowship I need.

    Outside of Facebook I have vanishingly few friends with whom I can speak of deep state corruption, the religion of satanism, etc. I can at times “plant seeds.”

    I’m reminded of the time some years ago when my oldest stepson and his wife came to live with my wife and me. He was and is an ardent “conspiracy theorist” and he opened my eyes to a deeper reality that I had glimpsed before, from time to time. Then when my elderly aunt and uncle arrived for a short visit, we were poking fun at the CNN “news” and my aunt said,so earnestly, “We just like to know what’s going on.”

    I’m presently reading a great book, “The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath,” by Leslie Jamison. Just published this year, it’s mostly about alcoholism but very applicable to all types of intoxication including that of the mainstream media’s version of “the news.” If that sounds like a stretch, well, that can’t be helped.

    At the same time, we don’t want to put “waking up” and sobriety up there on a pedestal, do we? For that makes it out of reach, leading to further idolization of leaders and the acts of leadership.

    Well, I haven’t finished the book yet. And she has another, “The Empathy Exams,” iirc, which has also garnered a lot of praise.

    Cathy O’Brien published a follow-up 1n 2016, “PTSD: Time to Heal,” containing some valuable new, to me anyway, takes on how to heal from traumas, which have to include the public ones as well such as the public assassinations during the sixties. This is a much shorter work than Ms Jamison’s.

    Let’s keep our radar operating as to when these authors and other researchers get on the lecture circuit and come to our area. Seems like Wilcock, Goode, and others never get far from the west coast anymore.

  2. Alice says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful questioning. I too, as a 65+ elder have been on a long path of questioning and trying to discern for myself, what is truth. Recently ( as in the past 5 years), I have thought, how do I try to relate to my numerous family members, what I believe, to have some semblance of truth.
    Honestly, as I’ve been researching this for years, I kept on researching and was feeling many years ago, well now the truth will come out, and then it didn’t. I have been broken-hearted and discourage and many times have thought, I don’t know if I can continue in this reality anymore.
    I’m not as optimistic as Liz C. that this will start to come out in the open on 11/11. But there is something within me that prays and hopes, for all of us.
    With your permission, I will connect this most recent post of yours as a place to begin, with my family.
    Love your blog, have been following for years! Love your co-creation within your small part of the universe.
    You have help to sustain me, with your blog with your questioning and have given me much food for thought. To go within and put to practice my own critical thinking and to feel and decide for myself, what is truth.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Alice, thanks so much for your affirmation. You have no idea how your thankfulness makes my day!

      Re: All the awfulness. I just keep reminding myself that the reason why so many people refuse to wake up, is because they can’t bear to think some human beings could be that bad! They are children; it’s hard to grow up. When we see them as children, it’s easier to have compassion rather than to just be furious and try to beat them over the head. This latter used to be my default position!

      • alice says:

        Yes, I understand your “default position”. I have been there.
        In my recent past, I have come to think about another possibility. I will not go into all the reasons why but I feel it all comes down to forgiveness.
        I do begin to believe (with still some questioning) in the karmic belief that we have all been here, in past lives. That there is this possibility, as reincarnated souls, that we have experience all.
        I suspect, at one time, I too might have turned to the dark.
        So first, I forgive myself and believe in the possibility of forgiving others, for these horrifying acts.
        Still, unacceptable behavior, but must find a way to forgive others, while stopping this horrendous behavior.
        Must expose this behavior and bring it into the light and then begin to heal.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Agreed. We have all been there, wherever and whenever it was. Hard to fathom the depth and complexity of what has been held in denial for centuries, for lifetimes. Love the way you are framing the situation.

          • Alice says:

            Honestly, I am truly amazed with you ability to continuely to move forward.
            You apparently have this ability to push forward in these amazeng times, to provide content with this moment of now. Thank you.

          • Ann Kreilkamp says:

            As long as I do my daily practices, walking, yoga, chi kung and tai chi, I seem to be able to “handle” any eventuality!

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