Pre-Election Jitters: This perspective renders politics absurd

As we endure, second by second, on alert and mincing lightly ahead in dread and hope, expecting further violence at any moment, over and over again one false flag after another, through the final eight days of this likely most crucial election in U.S. history, let us rear back for a moment, and consider the larger context within which all this political, emotional, ideological, and even physical infighting is occurring, and which renders our concerns utterly myopic. For the fact is, we are not alone in the universe.

Every time I participate in one of our local CE-5 events on dark moon nights out in the country nearby, I am reminded of this startling fact. I lie back on my lawn chair, eyes pointed to some direction in the sky, begging for contact. And I get it, every single time. At least once, usually many more. Winks, blinks, long, short, brilliant, subtle, some repeated, others one of a kind. We who participate in this monthly communion with the Others, notice that, more and more, wherever we look, there they are, attuned to our noticing, ready and willing for contact. 

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  1. rose day says:

    Perhaps the cosmic perspective truly is slowly seeping into the collective mindset and that very collective would ostensibly include politicians. If so, the conflict within the present and significantly disruptive political scene becomes more easily understood as politicians realize that their ‘life-long’ career choice is being rendered obsolete.

    What a time to be alive as witness to the evolution . . . thanks much for the share!

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